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    Tuesday July 23, 2019
  • VIDEO: Hiroshi Kitadani Performs One Piece New OP Song for The First Time on Stage

    His new single "OVER THE TOP" will be released on September 25, 2019

    To celebrate the official "One Piece Day" yesterday, 50-year-old anison singer Hiroshi Kitadani held a mini concert at Tokyo One Piece Tower to perform the One Piece TV anime's new OP song "OVER THE TOP" for the first time in Japan. This is the fourth time for him to sing an OP song for the long-running TV series. Check out his performance in a video report after the jump!

  • Sunday June 30, 2019
  • Hiroshi Kitadani Returns to Perform One Piece OP Song Once Again

    The highly anticipated "Wano Kuni Saga" will launch on July 7

    The One Piece franchise's official portal site One Piece.com announced today that "OVER THE TOP," the OP theme song for the TV anime's next "Wano Kuni Saga" is performed by 50-year-old anison singer Hiroshi Kitadani. This is the fourth time for him to sing an OP song for the long-running TV series. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Wednesday August 23, 2017
  • JAM Project's Hiroshi Kitadani Takes Break Due to Hearing Issue

    "One Piece" theme performer will be receiving medical care.

    Our best wishes are with Hiroshi Kitadani, who is being hospitalized for sudden hearing lost. Sadly this means his upcoming concert will be delayed. We have info on the plans and his condition after the jump.

  • Monday December 5, 2016
  • "One Piece Run" Footrace Event Returns to Okinawa in March of 2017

    5.5 kilometer race will include "One Piece" themed race course and special stage events at the goal

    Aspiring pirates in Okinawa will have another chance to strap on their running shoes and race for the gold, because the "One Piece Run" footrace is returning to the town of Chatan in the Nakagami District of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, in March of 2017. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Friday August 5, 2016
  • Kishidan & Hiroshi Kitadani Filming "One Piece" New OP Song MV with Fans

    Kitadani's 3rd "One Piece" OP song hits stores August 24

    Avex has posted a four-minute music video for "We Can!," the current 19th OP theme song for the TV anime One Piece performed by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani. It was filmed at Harmony Hall Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture on July 16, without a previous announcement to the fans. Check the clip featuring flash mob after the jump!

  • Monday November 2, 2015
  • "One Piece"-Themed Footrace Coming to Okinawa in March of 2016

    5.5 kilometer "ONE PIECE Run in Okinawa 2016" race can accomodate up to 10,000 runners in 5 waves

    A special One Piece-themed athletic event is coming to the town of Chatan in the Nakagami District of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, in March of 2016, and it features a 5.5 kilometer run and an after party with musical guests. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Wednesday October 1, 2014
  • VIDEO: JAM Project's Latest PV "Kakusei X" from Their 10th Best Album

    Plus Hiroshi Kitadani's new song "Sing my soul" PV

    Lantis has posted a full version PV for anison super group JAM Project's latest PV "Kakusei X" from their 10th best album "X cures Earth," and a short PV for its member Hiroshi Kitadani's latest song "Sing my soul" from his debut 20th anniversary album "SCORE." Check the PVs after the jump.

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