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    Thursday December 27, 2012
  • VIDEO: Toyota Ad Introduces Jean Reno's Doraemon to Beat Takeshi's Toyotomi Hideyoshi

    ReBorn ad campaigns converge

    To close out the year and promot their new "Crown", car company Toyota has presented a convergence of their ReBorn ad campaigns with the meeting of beloved robot cat Doraemon, as portrayed by French actor Jean Reno and the modern reincarnation of Sengoku era's second great unifier of Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi, as portrayed by comedian/actor/director Beat Takeshi. Get a look after the jump.

  • Monday July 16, 2012
  • VIDEO: Jean Reno/Doraemon Travels to Olympics in Latest Toyota Ad

    Doraemon and Nobita travel to 1964 Tokyo Games in latest ReBORN spot

    In the latest commercial in Toyota's ReBORN campaign, Jean Reno as robot cat Doraemon tries to use his time machine to bring 30-year-old Nobita (Satoshi Tsumabuki) to the Olympics, winding up at the 1964 Tokyo games. Check it out after the jump.

  • Sunday June 17, 2012
  • VIDEO: Jean Reno's Doraemon Shrinks Nobita in Latest Commercial

    New Toyota ad introduces Doraemon's "Small Light"

    The adventures of actor Jean Reno as Fujiko Fujio's iconic robot cat Doraemon continue in the latest Toyota Commercial. This sixth ad finds Suneo hooking Nobita up with a car so small that Doraemon has to bust out his "Small Light" to help him get behind the wheel. Hit the jump to watch!

  • Sunday April 8, 2012
  • VIDEO: Jean Reno is Back as Doraemon in New Live-Action Toyota Ad

    "Leon: The Professional" actor continues role as Fujiko F. Fujio's robot cat

    Actor Jean Reno is continuing his role as the robotic cat with the trans-dimensional pouch, busting out Take-Copters with Nobita to fly after Suneo and find out whether or not he's taking out Nobita's childhood crush, Shizuka. Watch the ad past the break!

  • Thursday January 26, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Doraemon" Live Action Toyota Commercial With AKB48's Atsuko Maeda

    Featuring the "What-If Box," Jean Reno continuing as Doraemon

    Well that was fast. It seems as though Toyota is streaming the latest Jean Reno Doraemon commercial on a region-blocked website, but some caring sharer has YouTubed it so we can all check it out. Hit the break to watch!

  • Monday November 28, 2011
  • VIDEO: Latest Doraemon Toyota CM Features the Anywhere Door

    With Jean Reno again as Doraemon

    Jean Reno continues in his role as Fujiko F. Fujio's Doraemon alongside a 30 year old Nobita in Toyota's current commercial series. Bump the jump to check out the Anywhere Door in action!

  • Friday November 18, 2011
  • VIDEO: Jean Reno as Doraemon in Toyota Ad

    Suneo and Shizuka at Age 30 Introduced Too

    The second commercial in Toyota's Doraemon ad campaign introduces Tomohisa Yamashita as the rich kid Suneo at age 30, Asami Mizukawa as the grown up pretty girl next door, Shizuka, and of all people, French actor Jean Reno (Léon: The Professional, the regrettable American Godzilla) as the titular blue robot cat from the 22nd century. Watch it after the jump.

  • Thursday November 17, 2011
  • Jean Reno Plays Doraemon in Next Live-Action Toyota Ad

    Star of "Léon: The Professional" takes on the famous robot cat

    As strange as it sounds, the role of live-action Doraemon will be played by none other than international film star Jean Reno (Léon: The ProfessionalOnimusha 3: Demon Siege) in the next Toyota ad. Hit the jump for pics and more.