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    Tuesday August 7, 2012
  • Joss Whedon Writing and Directing Second "Avengers" Film

    "Buffy" and "Firefly" creator following up on success of Marvel crossover blockbuster

    Part of The Avengers' overwhelming success came from the writing and direction of fanboy favorite Joss Whedon, and he'll be returning for the next outing of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! More after the jump!

  • Saturday May 5, 2012
  • What Would a Joss Whedon "Batman" Film Be Like?

    Whedon imagines Bruce Wayne as a "morbid, death-obsessed kid"

    Did you know that snappy dialogue writer extraordinaire Joss Whedon was one of the people in line to reboot the Batman movies? Grapple-gun past the jump to see what the Buffy and Firefly creator has to say about what could have been!

  • Wednesday August 17, 2011
  • VIDEO: Fans Capture Footage from The Avengers

    More Videos Surface from the Avengers Set

    As the cast and crew continue to film on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, more and more videos are beginning to surface. See several videos at the jump.