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    Monday September 6, 2021
  • Ganbare Doukichan Web Anime Hits AbemaTV in September of 2021

    Main cast and staff revealed for upcoming adaptation of web manga by Yom

    The course of office romance never did run smooth, but now the main cast, the main staff, a new key visual, and the web distribution schedule have all been revealed for Ganbare Doukichan ("You Can Do It, Doukichan"), an upcoming web anime based on the Twitter manga by Yom about a young office lady competing for the affection of her co-worker with several inter-office rivals. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Wednesday September 1, 2021
  • Get the Chance to Sleep Next to a Life Sized Version of Chizuru From Rent-a-Girlfriend

    A lottery will be held to see who wins the sleepy Chizuru

    An online lottery appeared on the Slash Gift website the other day for a giant acrylic image of Chizuru from Rent-a-Girlfriend falling asleep that the winner can put alongside their bed (or on their giant office desk to watch the non-moving image sleep while they work). See the big Chizuru after the jump!

  • Thursday June 17, 2021
  • Rent-a-Girlfriend to Launch Mobile Game With Weekly Shonen Magazine Heroines

    You'll be able to go on rental dates with many of your favs!

    Have you ever wanted to go on (rental) dates with characterssuch as Tamaki from Fire Force? Revealed today, a new puzzle-based mobile game based on the Rent-a-Girlfriend series will let you not only take out the girls in the series but from many of the works featured in Weekly Shonen Magazine! A teaser trailer and visual were released for the game which can be rented out after the jump!

  • Monday April 5, 2021
  • Chizuru Celebrates Over 8 Million Copies of Rent-a-Girlfriend Manga

    Manga creator Reiji Miyajima drew a Chizuru illustration for the announcement

    The creator of the Rent-a-Girlfriend manga series, Reiji Miyajima, revealed on April 2 that the romantic comedy manga had exceeded 8 million copies in the wild. To celebrate the milestone, Miyajima drew a special illustration of the lead female character Chizuru thanking fans. See the drawing after the jump!

  • Tuesday March 16, 2021
  • Rent-a-Girlfriend Manga Creator Draws Chizuru Getting in the Evangelion Robot

    Reiji Miyajima watched Evangelion 3.0+1.0 and couldn't dress Chizuru up

    As many may know, Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time was released in Japan last Monday, and this means that many industry creatives came out of the woodwork to watch it, including Rent-a-Girlfriend manga creator Reiji Miyajima. Who could help but dress up his main character in Asuka's plug suit!

  • Wednesday March 10, 2021
  • Smell Like Your Favorite Rental Girlfriend With New Rent-a-Girlfriend Scents

    You can even choose to wear the aroma of Chizuru in everyday mode

    Take the love you have for your favorite girl from the Rent-a-Girlfriend TV anime series with you everywhere you go with new scented products from Japanese fragrant masters Dreaming Princess, who have previously partnered with other anime series to make distinct smells for them. Smell more details after the jump!

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