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    Wednesday February 12, 2020
  • The Island of Giant Insects Anime OVA Launches Kickstarter for English Dub Final Edition of the Horror Film

    Rewards include getting animated by the production team and voicing Akira in the OVA

    After premiering at Crunchyroll Expo 2019, then launching on Crunchyroll earlier this year, Crunchyroll co-production The Island of Giant Insects anime OVA has brought the story of the students from Hosho Academy High School and their survival skills (read: kills) to people all around the world. Now, the journey continues with an English dub of the film announced via a Kickstarter campaign where you can be in the anime film! Hit the jump to learn about all the gritty details!

  • Friday May 10, 2019
  • Kickstarter Anime Darling MECHA-UDE Pilot Premieres on YouTube

    The episode is available via Reina Scully's YouTube channel for the next month

    In late 2016, animator Sae Okamoto (SUSHI POLICEMonster Strike the Movielaunched a kickstarter for a piece of original animation entitled MECHA-UDE. The campaign was successful, raising $67,918 across 999 backers - more than double the initial goal. This morning, Reina Scully released the entire first episode with Japanese audio and English subtitles on her YouTube channel, which you can watch here.

  • Tuesday October 9, 2018
  • “Emma” Dub Kickstarter Only $55,000 Away From Reaching S2 Goal

    Nozomi Entertainment’s Previous Kickstarter Campaign Secured Dubs for All Three Seasons of Aria

    Last week, Nozomi Entertainment hit it’s goal for its dubbed home video release of Emma: A Victorian Romance, halfway through its month-long Kickstarter campaign. With nearly a thousand backers and 9 days left in the campaign (as of writing), it’s trending towards $178,733 according to Kickstarter analytics site Kicktraq. That’s just over $1,000 away from the Stretch Goal of $180,000, which will unlock a dub of the second season.

  • Saturday May 19, 2018
  • "Gunsmith Cats" Author Kenichi Sonoda Seeks Crowdfunding for "Bean Bandit" Anime

    Plans for gathering resources to create a 5 minute + original work announced at Anime Central 2018

    It appears that manga author Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats) has developed a taste for the opportunities that crowdfunding presents, because at Anime Central 2018, a Kickstarter campaign was announced for the creation of an original 5 minute+ anime featuring the "Roadbuster" Bean Bandit as well as other characters from Gunsmith Cats. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Sunday April 8, 2018
  • "Under the Dog" Gets Limited Theatrical Release in Japan

    2016 anime directed by Masahiro Andō and animated by Kinema Citrus was originally crowded-funded on Kickstarter

    Under the Dog, a 2016 original anime with direction by Masahiro Andō and animation by Kinema Citrus and Orange, is heading to Japanese theaters in June for a limited, 2-week theatrical release in a special edition version entitled Under the Dog Jumbled. Hit the jump to learn more.

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