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    Friday February 20, 2015
  • VIDEO: “Kinnikuman” duo teams up against allergies in PITTA MASK commercial

    Robin Mask and Warsman go head-to-head against pollen

    Even the mightiest fictional pro-wrestlers are no match for a pollen-satureated foe without a little help from PITTA MASK. Hit the jump to see the video.

  • Sunday August 10, 2014
  • "Kinnikuman" Artist Draws Stars of UFC's Upcoming Japanese Event

    UFC returns to Saitama Super Arena for third fight card on September 20th

    On September 20th, the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to Japan with UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Nelson, the mixed martial arts promotion's third fight card at Japan's Saitama Super Arena following UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson in February 2012 and UFC on Fuel TV: Silva vs. Stann in March 2013. As with previous Japanese trips, promotional efforts got a bit of help from Yudetamago, creator(s) of manga's intergalactic wrestler Kinnikuman.

  • Thursday January 16, 2014
  • VIDEO: Kinnikuman's Robin Mask Wears a Pollen Mask for TV CM

    He says, "My usual mask can't fight against pollen"

    Robin Mask is one of the most popular masked wrestlers in Yudetamago's long-running manga/anime series Kinnikuman. He is recently featured in TV CMs for Japanese medicine maker ARAX's pollen protection mask "PITTA MASK." He, who is suffering from pollen allergies, wears the mask on his own metal mask. Check the clips after the jump.

  • Friday December 6, 2013
  • "Kinnikuman" Draws Thor and Captain America in Japan

    Yudetamago hypes Japanese release of second movies

    To celebrate the Japanese releases of Marvel Comics based movies Thor: Dark World and Captain America: Winter Soldier, Kinnikuman (or MUSCLE in English) creator(s) Yudetamago have drawn a tribute of the two super heroes, to be published in the issue of Shonen Jump doing on sale January 4th. Get a look after the jump.

  • Thursday November 28, 2013
  • Ramenman Featured as Latest Family Mart "Kinnikuman" Stuffed Bun

    Warsman black bun was offered this month

    Along the lines of the famous Hatsune Miku meat buns, the Japanese Family Mark convenience stores has been offering snacks based of super power wrestling series Kinnikuman (MUSCLE in English). After Warsman black curry was offered this month, the ever popular Ramanman is being feature in buns starting December 3rd. Limited to 720,000 buns, manga creator(s) Yudetamago illustrated the wrapper.  More after the jump.

  • Saturday March 2, 2013
  • Caramel Corn Stares Out With Classic Shonen Manga Eyes

    "Kinnikuman," "Star of the Giants" and "Ashita no Joe" included in third year of collaboration

    Japanese snack company Tohato has unveiled the third set of what seems to have become an annual collaboration between its well established caramel corn snacks and classic manga. This year's varieties includes egg pudding flavor honoring wrestling series Kinnikuman, chocolate honoring baseball series Star of the Giants, and apple honoring boxing series Ashita no Joe. Get a look after the jump.

  • Wednesday February 15, 2012
  • Kinnikuman Promotes UFC's Return to Japan

    Kinnikuman creator Yudetamago draws hero as a UFC referee

    On February 26th, American mixed martial arts promotion UFC will be running its first Japanese event in 12 years. To smooth things over, UFC has brought in some help from manga superhero and intergalactic wrestler Kinnikuman. See the results after the jump.

  • Tuesday December 6, 2011
  • Kinnikuman Cross-Promotes Hair Care Products

    Kinnikuman versus Terryman in a Battle of Well-Maintained Hair

    Interplanetary superhero wrestler Kinnikuman has been keeping busy with the return of his eponymous manga in the pages of Weekly Playboy, but that doesn't mean he hasn't found time to take care of his hair, or cross-promote Scalp-D, convenience store chain Lawson's brand of medicated shampoo and conditioner. See the results after the jump.

  • Wednesday November 16, 2011
  • New "Kinnikuman" Manga Starts on November 28

    Manga duo Yudetamago continue to flex their "Ultimate Muscle"

    Kinnikuman—the madcap Weekly Jump wrestling comedy manga which was licensed in North America as Ultimate Muscle—has a new manga set to kick off in Japan on November 28. Hit the jump or get the "Kinniku Flash"! 

  • Friday September 9, 2011
  • Kinnikuman Presents Green Lantern to Japan

    Yudetamago holding a special fan art contest

    A strategy for launching a foreign media venture in Japan is to attach it to a local celebrity or pop culture institution, even if there isn't a strong natural tie between the two. In the case of the live action Green Lantern movie, it's Yudetamago and his wrestler from space Kinnikuman. Yeah, they're both space related superheroes, but you have to admit, the masked grappler from M.U.S.C.L.E. is an amusingly odd fit with galactic policeman. More after the jump.