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    Sunday October 18, 2020
  • Celebrate the Anniversary of Ojamajo Doremi with Magically Cute Bracelets

    Six color-coded designs feature details for each witchy heroine

    Celebrate 20 years of Ojamajo Doremi, and the arrival of its anniversary film, with a series of cute bracelets! The new offerings feature precious gems in the theme colors of your favorite witchy magical girls. Check them out after the jump!

  • Thursday February 27, 2020
  • Ojamajo Doremi Anniversary Movie Casts New Starring Trio

    Looking for Witch Apprentices will feature actresses from Doremi's early fan base

    The lead cast of the Ojamajo Doremi anniversary project has been revealed! Looking for Witch Apprentices will star a trio of actresses from the generation raised on the popular magical girl show. Meet them after the jump!