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    Monday July 11, 2022
  • Love After World Domination Creator Reveals No Longer Human...In Another World TV Anime

    Artist Takahiro Wakamatsu confirmed the news on his Twitter account

    From tokusatsu romance to isekai comedy, get ready to dive into an earlier work of Love After World Domination manga creators Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu as No Longer Human...In Another World officially receives a TV anime adaptation. Hit the jump for all the details!

  • Thursday August 4, 2022
  • FEATURE: Breaking Down Every New Simulcast from Spring 2022 on Crunchyroll

    Scan the results of our months-long interplanetary survey!

    Crunchyroll's galactic expedition across the far-reaching cosmos, where we made contact with all kinds of new worlds and people, is drawing to a close. As we make the return journey back to Earth to set out into a new frontier for Summer 2022, it's time to dive into the months' worth of data our sensors picked up along the way. Read on after the jump!

  • Wednesday June 22, 2022
  • FEATURE: Anime & Dating — These 4 Anime Show How We Try to Protect Our Hearts

    When you are surrounded by walls, you can't move forward. When you learn how they are built, they are easier to take down.

    A heart is a vital organ, it is the epicenter for life and love. Of course, you'd want to protect something so important. A doctor will tell you that a blocked heart is not good for your health. It is also not good when it comes to love. 

    So what do we do when we have blocked our hearts from receiving love by building emotional walls? Tear them down. The answer is easier said than done. These characters know it all too well. 

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