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    Wednesday May 4, 2016
  • Watch "Ushio and Tora" 3rd Cour ED Song MV Performed by LUNKHEAD

    15th single "Kessen Zenya" hits stores next Wednesday

    Tokuma Japan has posted a 90-second short music video for four-member Japanese rock band LUNKHEAD's upcoming 15th single "Kessen Zenya (The Night Before the Final Battle)." The song has been featured as the ED theme for the ongoing third cour of the Ushio and Tora TV anime. Check the clip after the jump.

  • Thursday February 18, 2016
  • LUNKHEAD Fires Up New Ending Theme for "Ushio and Tora"

    Blazing new key visual released for the continuing adventures of young warrior & his monstrous companion

    Japanese rock band LUNKHEAD will be performing the ending theme for the upcoming 3rd cour of Ushio and Tora, and a new key visual for the series about a middle school student, a magic spear, and a hungry yokai has also been released. Hit the jump to learn more.