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    Thursday August 27, 2020
  • Japan Sinks 2020 Compilation Anime Film Gets New Spoiler-Filled Trailer

    The film is scheduled to be released on November 13

    A new spoiler-filled trailer for Japan Sinks 2020 Theatrical Edition - Shizumanuki Bow - compilation anime film was released yesterday, showing off some of the highlights of Masaaki Yuasa's latest TV anime series, which premiered on Netflix in July. Check it out after the jump!

  • Thursday August 20, 2020
  • Masaaki Yuasa's Japan Sinks 2020 Anime Series Being Compiled Into 'Shizumanuki Bow' Anime Film

    The series premiered on Netflix worldwide on July 9

    Masaaki Yuasa and Science Saru's Japan Sinks 2020 premiered worldwide on Netflix last month and was a harrowing tale of the Muto family trying to survive a country in disaster. Yuasa enjoyed the 5.1 soundtrack of the series so much, they decided to compile the series into a feature-length anime film and release it in Japan on November 13. More details and new visual after the jump!

  • Wednesday July 22, 2020
  • To Make Something Solid: A Conversation with Kensuke Ushio, Composer of Japan Sinks 2020

    We sat down with one of anime's most interesting music composers for an exclusive interview

    Music is the backbone of every anime, but rarely is it so deeply incorporated into the fabric of a movie or series than in the way that Kensuke Ushio crafts his soundtracks. Composers working in anime tend to create all of the music in one go and then hand it off to the director and sound director to score each song to a scene, but Ushio often works hand in hand with directors. We got to talk with Ushio about his work with Masaaki Yuasa in the new anime Japan Sinks 2020.