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    Thursday August 10, 2017
  • Microsoft Gives Surface Pro A Bishoujo Personification, Looks For Help To Name Her

    Manga artist Ryusuke "Ryu Moto" Hamamoto designed the character

    The Surface Pro, the Surface Pen and Surface Dial, with a nod to the mythical mirror, sword and jewel, Microsoft Japan is calling them Three Sacred Treasures of Painting. These are now joining the family of Microsoft products and services to get bishoujo/cute girl personifications for the region, and this time, they've tapped manga artist Ryusuke "Ryu Moto" Hamamoto (Ultimate Girls, Petit Eva: [email protected], that Alan Moore doujinshi)  to do the honors.

  • Sunday April 30, 2017
  • Go On A Virtual Date With Hatsune Miku With The Power of Microsoft HoloLens

    The technology's almost there.

    If you’ve ever wanted to go out on a date with Hatsune Miku, you might very well be able to soon if an engineer named “Alsione” has anything to say about it. Alsione is working on a special augmented reality project for Microsoft HoloLens to help simulate an environment of a date and a model of Hatsune Miku to go with it. Hit the jump for more.