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    Monday June 14, 2021
  • JUJUTSU KAISEN Gets 'Phantom Parade' Smartphone Game in Japan

    The first visuals for the game were released

    The official JUJUTSU KAISEN TV anime website announced today that the franchise will be getting a smartphone game for iOS and some versions of Android phones. The first visuals for the game feature the main visual and a character visual for each of the five currently announced characters. Bust the curses past the jump and learn more!

  • Friday May 21, 2021
  • Fate/GO Mobile Game Previews First 15 Minutes of Latest Film in App

    Players on Japanese servers can see the beginning of Paladin;Agateram for a limited time

    Players on Japanese Fate/Grand Order servers get a limited-time treat: the first 15 minutes of the latest film! Log in to watch the beginning of Paladin;Agateram and get your first look at the second half of the Sixth Singularity. See screenshots from the video after the jump!

  • Sunday April 25, 2021
  • Knights of Sidonia Unveils Compilation Video, Mobile Game, and VR Plans

    Tsutomu Nihei's sci-fi adventure comes to Japanese cinemas this spring

    Got 15 minutes? You can catch up on both seasons of Knights of Sidonia! A new compilation video preceding the upcoming film will get you where you need to be. Plus, there's news on the upcoming mobile game and VR experience. Get caught up after the jump!

  • Monday February 22, 2021
  • Take a Deep Breath — Otome Game WIND BOYS! Is Back on Track

    DMM will reveal the latest info on its new title in a special livestream next month

    The mobile game WIND BOYS! may have slipped off your radar, but it's still on the way! A new live broadcast early next month will fill us all in on where it stands and when we can expect it. Plus, a new PV shows off peeks of the game's aspiring musicians. Have a look after the jump!

  • Wednesday January 13, 2021
  • Idol Teams Sparkle in I★CHU TV Anime Non-Credit Opening Video

    Adaptation based on idol-raising smart phone game by Liber Entertainment is currently streaming on Crunchyroll

    If you haven't had your daily dose of sparkly idol boys, then I★CHU has got you covered, because now a non-credit version of the opening animation has been released for the TV anime based on the idol-raising smart phone game from Liber Entertainment. Hit the jump to check it out.

  • Wednesday December 23, 2020
  • The 29 Stars of I-Chu Sing Together in Latest Anime PV

    Rhythm Heaven creator Tsunku talks about the new theme

    The 29 idols of I-Chu: Halfway Through the Idol are joining forces to sing a special song for the new anime adaptation! Check out the new PV, featuring a song by the creator of the Rhythm Heaven series, after the jump — plus more plans for next month's big premiere!

  • Monday December 21, 2020
  • ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! Showcases Its 25 Stars in New Mobile Game Trailer

    Rhythm game will be coming out in Japan next month

    ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside is on a steady course for release next month in Japan. A new PV shows off the boys of the five bands, featuring music from the game and a sample of rhythm gameplay. Check it out after the jump!

  • Friday December 4, 2020
  • Fledgling Idol Series I-Chu Takes Flight in New PV, Confirms January Start Date

    Hear a new song from the mobile game adaptation

    I-Chu: Halfway Through the Idol is much more than halfway to release! The idol-raising mobile game has an anime coming out next month, and a new PV shows its many idols in action. Check it out after the jump!

  • Zombie Idol Robot Showdown: ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Comes to Super Robot Wars X-Ω!

    The mobile game welcomes Saga's finest, complete with mech by Masami Obari

    The zombie idols of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA continue to fight to revitalize Saga Prefecture... now in a giant robot! Mobile game Super Robot Wars X-Ω will be hosting a crossover with the hit series, complete with a mecha by Masami Obari. Get your first look after the jump!

  • Monday November 30, 2020
  • BanG Dream! Boy Band Spinoff ARGONAVIS Hits the App Store in January

    ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside is now taking pre-registrations

    Bushiroad's boy band title ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! is just around the corner from its mobile game debut! Pre-registrations are now open for the rhythm and story game. Check out the cool new key visual and get more info after the jump!

  • Monday November 9, 2020
  • Arina Tanemura's Alice Closet Gets a Dreamy Art Exhibition

    The dress-up game will also be getting new merchandise just for the event

    Immerse yourself in the world of Alice Closet at the game's upcoming free exhibit! Artwork by Arina Tanemura will be on display, and fans can pick up exclusive goods featuring the art of the game. Find out more after the jump!

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