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    Sunday February 12, 2017
  • Singer/Songwriter Tomohisa Sako on Board for "Natsume Yujin-cho 6" Theme

    Cover artist and "Pokémon" lyricist to sing for fantasy series' next season.

    A Niconico singer and Vocaloid cover artist is joining the staff of Natsume Yujin-cho 6! Tomohisa Sako is on board to perform the new season's opening theme. Hit the jump to find out more!

  • Sunday September 29, 2013
  • "Natsume Yujincho" Sound Theater Home Video Release Announced

    Blu-ray and DVD will also include new OVA!

    Natsume Yujincho was recently turned into a unique play called a Sound Theater in Japan and the cast took the stage on September 28th. The reader's theater performance will now be available as a Blu-ray or DVD with a new OVA early next year in Japan. The Limited Edition will also include a CD-ROM with Nyanko Sensei digital contents and a color booklet. More after the jump!

  • Friday June 14, 2013
  • "Natsume Yujincho" Becomes A Unique "Sound Theater" Play

    Sound Theater reader's theater brings voice actors to the stage

    Natsume Yujincho comes back as a reader's theater play on stage in Japan this fall. Theater production company, Sound Theater teams up with talented voice actors from Natsume to reproduce the world of Natsume Yujincho on stage using reading by the actors, orchestral music and aroma to stimulate the audience's every sense. More after the jump!

  • Tuesday March 26, 2013
  • Happy Birthday Inoue Kazuhiko!

    Veteran voice actor celebrates his birthday today!

    His voice is heard in many anime, video games and drama CDs, and today is Inoue Kazuhiko's birthday! Inoue debuted in 1973 and has been one of the top voice actors in the business for 40 years. Shout out your birthday wishes for him after the jump!

  • Tuesday February 12, 2013
  • Nyanko Sensei Bun At Familymart!

    Naynko Sensei turns into an appetizing dessert!

    Netlab reports that a Japanese convenience store franchise, Familymart will release a red bean bun featuring the design of Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yujincho. There have been many food collaborations, but this one actually looks appetizing compare to past Chinese bun collaborations at convenience stores. Click for the photos!

  • Friday December 30, 2011
  • Crunchyroll to Stream Fourth Season of "Natsume Yujincho" Anime

    Starts January 2nd at 10AM PST

    The new simulcasts continue as Crunchyroll has added the long-awaited fourth season of fan favorite Natsume Yujincho for viewers starting on January 2nd at 10AM PST. Hit the jump for all the details. Updated with NIS America home video license announcement.