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    Tuesday January 22, 2013
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Comments on Upcoming US Live Shows

    Performs in in LA 4/12 and NYC 4/14

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is packing her bags, leaving Harajuku behind, and embarking on a world tour with live performances slated for Los Angeles and New York City. Watch Kyary’s English subbed comment video, and get advance ticketing info, after the jump!

  • Wednesday January 9, 2013
  • VIDEO: The New PV from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “Furisodeshon”

    New single goes on sale Jan/30

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sure has been busy since her last music video, “Fashion Monster” which was waaaay back in September. So it’s great to see the PONPONPON one go back to basics with a new colorful and crazy PV. Watch “Furisodeshon” after the jump!

  • Tuesday November 27, 2012
  • VIDEO: Merry Christmas from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

    Plus, "HARAJUKU KAWAii !! TV" set to launch

    In a short-but-sweet station ID for Japan’s Space Shower TV channel, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu of PONPONPON fame celebrates Xmas like only she can. Also, Kyary’s agency is planning a new web show focusing on kawaii Harajuku culture. Watch two videos after the jump!


  • Monday October 22, 2012
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Rises From the Grave in Latest "Fashion Monster" Commercial

    New song puts the bite on Japanese music charts

    Even in a country with no shortage of crazy TV commercials, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's “Fashion Monster” ads have to rank as some kind of high-water mark for Japan. And Kyary's third commercial for clothing retailer g.u. is certain to get you in the Halloween spirit to boot. Check it out after the jump!

  • Friday October 5, 2012
  • VIDEO: New "Fashion Monster" Commercials from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

    "Fashion Monster" single goes on sale October 17th

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back in Scary Pamyu Pamyu mode as her Halloween-themed “Fashion Monster” campaign with clothing retailer g.u. continues. Check out her new commercials wherein the PONPONPON one goes full vampire, flies around like a bat, and…well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself after the jump!


  • Thursday September 20, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Fashion Monster", the New Video by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

    New single goes on sale October 17th

    It’s always a special day when a new full length video by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (PONPONPON) arrives, so take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the spectacular 'n spooky eye candy of “Fashion Monster” after the jump!

  • Wednesday September 5, 2012
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Previews New Song, "Fashion Monster"!

    Track used for g.u. Fall/Winter commercial campaign

    The newly crowned Kawaii Ambassador of Harajuku, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu of PONPONPON fame, is BACK and with a new song! Her latest track, "Fashion Monster", is being previewed in a new commercial for clothing retailer g.u.. After the jump, check out Kyary's spooky new looks and wrap your ears around her new tune!

  • Thursday August 30, 2012
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Becomes "Kawaii Ambassador" of Harajuku

    PONPONPON singer aims to spread Harajuku culture & fashion around the world

    While the Republican Nation Convention rages on in the USA, Japan has experienced some political shake-up of its own as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, of PONPONPON fame, has been appointed as the “Kawaii Ambassador of Harajuku.” Her goal is "to spread Harajuku culture and fashion around the world". Pics of the ceremony after the jump! UPDATED WITH VIDEO!

  • Monday August 27, 2012
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's 12 Working Costumes for New TV CMs

    As waitress, cook, security guard, private teacher, and more!

    Today on August 27, two new TV CMs for job hunting magazine "Weekly an" starring Harajuku girl supremo Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was released in Japan. In the new CMs, Kyary shows her 12 different working costumes including waitress, cook, pizza delivery, guard, and such. Check the videos and photos of her costumes after the jump!

  • Tuesday August 7, 2012
  • The Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Conspiracy!

    Manga claims Illuminati symbols and brainwashing techniques hidden in her music videos

    If you ever thought there's something strange and bizarre about the colorful pop music videos of PONPONPON songstress Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you’re not alone. A recent manga alleges that a dark conspiracy involving subliminal messages, brainwashing, and ties to secret societies bent on world domination surrounds Kyary. Read the full shocking tale in English after the jump!

  • Thursday May 17, 2012
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and the Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial!

    PONPONPON singer shills for the Col.

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appears to have found her soul mate in Col. Sanders. The PONPONPON singer has teamed up with KFC in Japan to promote the chain’s colorful “Krushers” drinks. Behold the strange, surreal, and "finger lickin' good" commercial after the jump!

  • Monday April 30, 2012
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Teams Up with Spider-Man!

    PONPONPON songstress & 'Ol Webhead featured in new commercial

    Brace yourselves, true believers: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, of PONPONPON fame, has teamed up with the Amazing Spider-Man in a new commercial for job hunting magazine Weekly an! Watch the full CM after the jump!

  • Friday March 30, 2012
  • VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Tongue Brushing Tablets CM!

    And her latest live performance in Hong Kong

    As previously reported, a Japanese pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has been playing as the “image character” for Glico's "BREO" tongue brushing tablets since the end of February. Now the company has posted a CM for the product featuring her latest hit song "Candy Candy". Check the cute video after the jump!