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    Wednesday January 11, 2023
  • Pop Team Epic Creator Bkub Okawa Designs Chainsaw Man Merch

    Limited merch part of Animate promotion in-store and online

    Bkub Okawa, the agent of chaos best known for Pop Team Epic can now add merch design to his skill set as the creator has designed a new line of merch for a special promotion between the Chainsaw Man franchise and the Animate chain of stores in Japan.

  • Monday January 2, 2023
  • Cozy up to Popuko and Pipimi in Pop Team Epic Anime Inspired "Ugly Sweaters"

    New designs are now available in collaboration with Palude

    Stay warm in the chilly winter months with your favorite kuso anime girls! Pop Team Epic has teamed up with anime goods company Palude to create a line of comfy sweaters emblazoned with the antics of Popuko and Pipimi. Check out the new line after the jump!

  • Monday December 19, 2022
  • Lawson Rings in the New Year with Pop Team Epic Anime Collaboration

    The third "print product fair" for the series offers cards, stickers, bookmarks, and more

    Convenience store chain Lawson is making 2023 weird with a Pop Team Epic New Year's collaboration! The third "print product fair" for the anime series will let shoppers grab holiday cards, stickers, and more to bring some kuso anime energy to their celebrations. Check out what's on offer after the jump!

  • Saturday December 17, 2022
  • Like a Dragon Goes Full Pop Team Epic and Things Couldn’t Be Stranger

    Popuko and Pipimi dress up as the iconic Kiryu and Majima

    It was only a few days ago that we saw Takaya Kuroda, who voices Kiryu in the Like a Dragon franchise, and Hidenari Ugaki, who voices his rival and friend Majima, voicing Popuko and Pipimi in this week's episode of Pop Team Epic TV anime. But now the suit is on the other character with the two characters taking on the streets of Kamurocho. More after the jump!

  • Friday December 16, 2022
  • Pop Team Epic Season 2 Goes for Broke with Pre-Finale Visual

    Crunchyroll is currently simulcasting the absurd comedy series

    Get ready to put your hands in the air—not because you're being mugged (for now), but because we're about to wave goodbye to Popuko and Pipimi once more when Pop Team Epic Season 2 concludes in under 24 hours. A pre-finale visual was released to prepare us, so hit the jump for the full picture!

  • Sunday December 11, 2022
  • Like a Dragon Majima VA Gives Update on ‘Latest Game’ in Pop Team Epic Anime Short

    Hidenari Ugaki (Majima) and Takaya Kuroda (Kiryu) were the latest Pipimi and Popuko

    In the blend between two perfect franchises, it seems that the latest details on the Like a Dragon video games come from none other than the latest Pop Team Epic anime short. Watch the discussion between Takaya Kuroda (Kiryu) and Hidenari Ugaki (Majima) after the jump!