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    Thursday October 13, 2022
  • Crunchyroll to Present Anime Music Experience at Porter Robinson's Second Sky Festival

    Crunchyroll Anime Shelter will feature MOGRA DJs, interactive activities, and more!

    Later this month, Crunchyroll Anime Shelter—a special special anime music experience—will be appearing at Second Sky, the annual music festival organized by musician Porter Robinson. The experience will feature DJs from Akihabara's iconic MOGRA night club and a number of other interactive elements. Hit the jump to learn more and purchase tickets!

  • Monday October 24, 2016
  • FEATURE: Found in Translation - Three Things You Didn't Know About "SHELTER"

    What inspired Porter Robinson's powerful music video?

    Japanese translator Kim Morrissy explores how our favorite anime, manga, and light novels are translated into English. What is lost in translation? More importantly, what is found in translation? This week, Kim looks behind the scenes at Porter Robinson's music video SHELTER and uncovers some things you might not know.

  • Thursday October 20, 2016
  • Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Porter Robinson’s “SHELTER” Video

    Produced in association with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll

    Porter Robinson’s animated music video for SHELTER sure has created a sensation since it first debuted earlier this week to plenty of acclaim and controversy. Now, here’s a look behind the scenes of this landmark work created in association between Porter, A-1 Pictures, and a little company named… Crunchyroll. Enjoy after the jump!


  • Tuesday October 18, 2016
  • Watch Porter Robinson's New Anime Music Video for "SHELTER"

    Created in association with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll

    It’s here: musician Porter Robinson’s visually dazzling and emotionally moving anime music video for his new song SHELTER, made in collaboration with A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online) and your pals at Crunchyroll! Watch after the jump!

  • Monday October 17, 2016
  • Porter Robinson Offers Details On "Shelter" Anime Collaboration's Premise

    On October 18th, 10:15pm local time, "Shelter" will be playing on a gigantic video screen overlooking the trendy Shibuya Koen-Dori street

    On October 18th, 10:15pm local time, electronic music producer and DJ Porter Robinson's A-1 Pictures anime collaboration, Shelter, will be playing on a gigantic video screen overlooking the trendy Shibuya Koen-Dori street. With this news, Robinson gave his English speaking fans some details on the animation's premise. 

  • Saturday October 15, 2016
  • Porter Robinson And A-1 Pictures Team Up On "Shelter"

    "Magi" staff worked on animated project

    Speaking of folks in other fields with otaku cred, Porter Robinson, electric music producer and DJ, known to be an anime and DDR fan, has posted a teaser for his collaboration with anime studio A-1 Pictures. Sachika Misawa (Accel World's Kuroyukihime) voices with with Magi characer designer/animation director Toshifumi Akai helming and and Megumi Kounoi (animator of Magi's opening) ascharacter desgiener.