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    Tuesday August 13, 2019
  • How Tarantino Got Neil Gaiman to Write Princess Mononoke’s Dub

    Gaiman confirms he penned the script for the anime film at Miramax in the 90’s

    After 20 years, one of the greatest writers of this generation, Neil Gaiman, discusses his involvement with the English Dub of Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke and who got him the job in the first place! Read on to find out more!

  • Tuesday October 11, 2011
  • Influential Samurai Movies Coming to North America

    Harakiri, Other Films that Inspired Takashi Miike on the Way

    Former anime distributor and now Japanese film distributor AnimEigo has announced plans for 2012, which include offering the movie on which Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins was based. Unfortunately, Kill Bill inspiration Lady Snowblood will be going out of print. Meanwhile, Criterion just released Masaki Kobayashi's Harakiri, inspiration for Miike's 3D debut, on Blu-ray. More after the jump.

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