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    Wednesday September 7, 2022
  • Mos Burger and Sailor Moon Team up for a Punny Menu Collaboration

    Tsukimi focaccia sandwich commercial features Kotono Mitsuishi as the Moon Princess

    September and October in Japan mean it's tsukimi, or moon-viewing time. Mos Burger has condensed some tsukimi-themed treats into a new sandwich, and they've called up the Moon Princess herself to promote it. See the punny commercial after the jump!

  • Tuesday September 6, 2022
  • Fashion Brand BanColle! Releases Magical Sailor Moon Ear Cuffs

    "Volume 1" of the new line is inspired by the Inner Guardians

    Bandai's fashion brand BanColle! continues to add Sailor Moon style to its line for the magical girl series's 30th anniversary. The latest addition? A series of ear cuffs modeled after the tiaras and bows of the story's five Inner Guardians. Have a look, and find out where to get them for yourself, after the jump!

  • Monday September 5, 2022
  • Add Princess Style to Your Wardrobe with Sailor Moon Eternal Necklaces

    BanColle! will be selling the reproduction necklaces from the films for a limited time

    Want to add some Crystal Tokyo style to your wardrobe! BanColle!, Bandai's fashion and accessory line, has created reproductions of the necklaces worn by Neo-Queen Serenity and her princess allies in Sailor Moon Eternal. The goods are available for a limited time—so hit the jump to find out where to get yours!

  • Thursday August 25, 2022
  • PHOTOS: The Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Museum is a Nostalgia-Filled Treat

    The new Sailor Moon exhibit showcases merchandise and artwork from across the decades

    In the heart of Roppongi, the Sony Music Museum is celebrating magical girls with a limited-time Sailor Moon 30th anniversary exhibit. Check what we thought of the event after the jump!

  • Saturday August 20, 2022
  • FEATURE: A Guide To Crafting The Perfect Saturday Morning Anime Block

    Build your own Saturday morning anime lineup with this handy guide!

    Do you miss catching anime on Saturday mornings? Want to recreate that? Well, I've got the guide for you! From Dragon Ball Z to One Piece and everything in between, this guide will walk through all the must-haves for the perfect Saturday morning anime lineup.

  • Thursday July 28, 2022
  • Sailor Moon Museum Heads to the Outer System For New Visuals

    The second volume of the Sailor Moon Museum starts September 10

    The Sailor Moon Museum is currently bringing the space-age magical girl franchise to Tokyo's Roppongi area, but as time goes on, the celestial celebration is transitioning from its first volume to the second volume. To showcase the art early for volume two, two new visuals were released today drawn by series creator Naoko Takeuchi and can be seen after the jump!

  • Monday July 25, 2022
  • Casio Japan Collaborates on a Sporty Sailor Moon Watch

    The limited-edition BABY-G casual watch is inspired by Usagi's transformation

    Never miss another youma battle or Three Lights fan club meet-up again. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Naoko Takeuchi's worldwide hit Sailor Moon, Casio is releasing a "Moon Prism Power" inspired take on their popular BABY-G watch. Take a closer look, and find out where to get one for yourself, after the jump!

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