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    Friday October 14, 2022
  • Golden Kamuy Season 4 English Dub Reveals Cast & Crew, Release Date

    First episode goes live Monday, October 17!

    Throw on your winter cloaks and get ready for another adventure that'll leave you shaking with chills and laughter, because the fourth season of Golden Kamuy's English dub is about to come riding into Crunchyroll. Hit the jump for all the details!

  • Tuesday October 4, 2022
  • FEATURE: What You Need to Know Before Golden Kamuy Season 4

    The search for gold continues

    The adventures of Sugimoto and Asirpa continue with the fourth season of Golden Kamuy. A lot has happened over the course of 36 episodes so if you're looking for a refresher to the key events and characters, this one's for you!

  • Wednesday May 25, 2022
  • Get on the Beers with New Limited Edition Golden Kamuy Sapporo Cans

    Designs feature Sugimoto, Shiraishi and three more characters

    Sapporo Beer is continuing its annual tradition of introducing new Golden Kamuy beer designs to Hokkaido for its fifth year running, this time adding two completely fresh faces to their lineup. Hit the jump for all the details!

  • Wednesday May 27, 2022
  • Golden Kamuy Celebrates Manga Conclusion with Giant "Snow Comic"

    100 meter x 70 meter image was constructed with the help Hokkaido-based artist Tomohiro Kajiyama

    The final chapter of Satoru Noda's incomparible historical / adventure / gag / gourmet manga, Golden Kamuy, was published today in Japan in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump seinen manga magazine, and to celebrate the series' eight year run, an enormous installation entitled "THE SNOW COMIC" was crafted in the snows of Hokkaido with the help of local snow artist Tomohiro Kajiyama. Hit the jump to learn more.