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    Tuesday August 4, 2020
  • RECS: Top 30 Anime of All Time According to SungWon Cho, aka ProZD

    Voice actor, YouTuber, and anime fan dishes out his top series, movies, and manga

    Like everyone else, SungWon Cho—aka the voice actor, YouTuber, and anime fan known as ProZD—has his own list of favorites, and it doesn't sound like he had much trouble drumming up his personal Top 30 Anime of All Time list. Read on for the full list of TV series, manga, and anime films he recommends! 

  • Thursday July 30, 2020
  • SHIROBAKO to Receive English Dub in New Sentai Filmworks Release

    The 2014 anime about making anime will be available on home video this October

    This morning, Houston-based anime distributor Sentai Filmworks announced their slate of home video releases for October 2020. The slate led with a premium box set for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Season 2, but notably, the 2014 P.A. WORKS fan-favorite SHIROBAKO was included as well with a new “Complete Collection” edition, which will feature a new English dub made for the release. SHIROBAKO Complete Collection will release on October 13th, 2020, and is available for pre-order on Sentai Filmwork’s site, as well as RightStuf and other e-commerce platforms. 

  • Thursday August 6, 2020
  • FEATURE: Anime Academy Teaches All About the Anime Production Process

    Learn about how animation goes from concept to finished product with this educational video series

    If you're an animation fan, then you've probably wondered at some point how a work goes from being a glimmer in the artists' imaginations to a finished product on the TV or theater screen. Good news, gentle readers, because the Anime Academy — an educational YouTube series created by Crunchyroll — is here to help you learn all about what goes into getting an anime production off the ground! Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Thursday June 4, 2020
  • New Exhibit Will Go Behind the Scenes of SHIROBAKO

    Saitama's SKIP City will show off materials from the series and film

    SHIROBAKO fans can go behind the scenes of the anime industry, and learn more about the popular series and film, at an upcoming exhibition in Saitama! The event will include rotating exhibits and an interactive portion. Find out more after the jump!

  • Thursday March 19, 2020
  • First 10 Minutes of the Shirobako Anime Film Released on YouTube

    The anime film about making an anime film released in Japan on February 29

    To celebrate the announcement of the 5th and 6th-week theatrical bonus items for the Shirobako anime film, the first 10 minutes of the film was released on YouTube for everyone to enjoy (or maybe entice people to see the film). Get drawn in after the jump!

  • Monday March 16, 2020
  • Japan Box office: Weekend Gross Down 73% from Last Year

    "PreCure Miracle Leap" film's release this weekend has been canceled

    As in other countries around the world, the spread of the new coronavirus has affected the Japanese film market badly. According to Eiga.com, the weekend gross of the top 15 films on the weekend of March 14-15 was down 73 percent from the same weekend of last year. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Thursday March 12, 2020
  • REVIEW: The Shirobako Movie's Blended Stress-and-Love-Letter to Anime

    Miyamori and the team at Musashino Animation are back, and we're here to tell you all about it!

    It's been nearly half a decade since we got to see what Musashino Animation and Miyamori was up to, but now, we get to see them tackle their most ambitious project yet–an anime film! Our Japan Correspondent, Daryl Harding, saw the latest Shirobako anime film and drew up his own key-framed conclusions on the movie. Check out his review after the jump!

  • Monday March 9, 2020
  • Japan Box Office: SHIROBAKO Movie Drops to 6th, Digimon Adventure Disappears from Top 10

    "Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: Propose Chapter" will add 15 more theaters from March 20

    After making the third place debut, SHIROBAKO Movie, a feature film sequel to the 2014-2015 TV anime series dropped to sixth in its second weekend of release, bringing its total gross to 220 million yen. Meanwhile, the Digimon franchise's 20th-anniversary film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna quickly disappeared from the top 10 in its third weekend. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Monday March 2, 2020
  • Japan Box Office: SHIROBAKO Movie Makes Impressive Third Place Debut

    "Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku" live-action film has surpassed 1.1 billion yen

    SHIROBAKO Movie, a feature film sequel to the 2014-2015 TV anime series SHIROBAKO, was released in 158 theaters in Japan on February 29, 2020, as scheduled. The 119-minute film earned a very good 115 million yen in its opening weekend to become the top-grossing new film of the weekend, beating Harrison Ford-starring The Call of the Wild, which had twice more theaters. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Wednesday February 26, 2020
  • Shirobako Anime Film is Completed Says Director, Opens on February 29

    All events surrounding the film have been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak

    There’s some good news and some bad news for people excited to see the Shirobako anime film in Japan when it opens on February 29. The good news is that director Tsutomu Mizushima tweeted out that the SHIROBAKO movie has been completed,” with the film fully ready to hit Japanese screens. The bad news is that due to the coronavirus, all the events surrounding the film have been canceled. More details after the jump.

  • Monday February 24, 2020
  • What Are The Best Anime About Anime?

    Today let's highlight some terrific anime that explore the medium itself!

    This season's Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! has been a delightful journey into the anime production process, full of insights into this art form we all love. But Eizouken isn't the only anime that has tackled anime itself as a topic, or celebrated the common struggles of artists in general. Today on Why It Works, let's highlight some of the best anime about anime!