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    Monday June 22, 2020
  • Tower of God Creator SIU Wasn't Allowed to Read Comics as a Kid ... But He Did Anyways

    We learn how SIU's time in the military influenced Tower of God, how he discovered manga as a child, and much more in this exclusive interview

    Crunchyroll speaks with SIU, the creator of Tower of God, for an exclusive interview about his journey to becoming a professional artist, his favorite manga and anime, and much more!

  • Wednesday May 13, 2020
  • Tower of God's Director Reveals What it Was Like Bringing the WEBTOON Series to Life

    An interview with director Takashi Sano

    Tower of God is one of this season's biggest hits and we got to interview the director! Read about Takashi Sano's experiences working in the anime industry, Clint Eastwood's influence on his work, and what he would wish for at the top of the tower.