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    Monday July 13, 2020
  • FANS REACT: The Crowd Goes Wild for Jin Mori's First Big Match

    A certain president and key fights have people talking

    The first one-on-one fights happen this week in The God of High School, so let's hear what you had to say about Episode 2 with regards to the action and a certain president.

  • RECAP: This Week's God of High School Gives The Show An Emotional Core in Episode 2

    We get a great fight and the spotlight on a great character

    The latest episode of The God of High School premiered today, and with it came a pretty great moment for one of its main characters, a moment that changed the stakes and the emotional relatability of the series. Hit the jump to see how one small shot can work wonders!

  • Why is Iron Man in The God of High School?

    The creator and director explain how Robert Downey Jr. made it in as president!

    If you can take your mind off the intense tournament action for just a second, you might notice a seemingly familiar face in The God of High School anime. Is it just a happy coincidence that the president looks like Iron Man in the anime? Read on for more.

  • Monday July 6, 2020
  • The Real Life Martial Arts Roots of The God of High School Episode 1

    There's a ton of cool influences here!

    From Taekwondo to Karate to Tai chi to ... professional wrestling, The God of High School is full of real-life influences for its many, many fighting styles. In this recap series, I'll be taking a deep dive into each episode and checking out which ones get the spotlight. Hit the jump for the first episode's offering!