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    Thursday September 3, 2020
  • FEATURE: A Handy Guide for Anime Sequels For the Fall 2020 Season

    Check out Crunchyroll's primer for a quick look at series that are coming back with new seasons or new entries!

    The Fall 2020 anime season will be here soon, and many popular anime series are returning with sequels or new installments beginning in October, so Crunchyroll has compiled a handy little guide for what's coming back and where to catch up on earlier entries. Hit the jump to check it out.

  • Friday August 16, 2019
  • The Boys of Tsukiuta Get Real in New Live-Action Film

    Members of SOARA star in the 3D take on the 2.5D franchise

    Mixed media franchise Tsukiuta has made the jump to anime, and now it's going live-action! A new film based on fictional idol group SOARA is coming soon, and has released new photos to get us hyped for their story. Check them out after the jump!

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