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    Tuesday September 29, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Adds New Vignette Series - Children of Ursus That Unveils The Mist of Ursus Operators’ Dreadful Past

    New Operators and furniture, outfit options round out update

    Arknights has launched a new side story event - Children of Ursus, with a series of stories, maps, and operators. The event brings brand new narration about the Student Self-Governing group and their stories back at Peterheim Middle School, how the past influenced and shaped them into their current personalities. Read on for the trailers and details.

  • Thursday September 10, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Contingency Contract Season #0 Operation Barrenland is Live, Allowing Players to Explore More Tactics in Game

    Three new Operators, new seasonal furniture and fashion round out latest update

    Arknights has been updated with a new season of Contingency Contract – Season #0 Operation Barrenland. This time the event map for Operation Barrenland has been expanded to 8 sites, encouraging players to explore more tactical combinations between different operators. Read on for the details on the update and new trailer.

  • Friday July 31, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Celebrates its Half Year Anniversary with Ancient Forge Event and Special In-Game Rewards!

    Arknights has welcomed its half-year milestone and to celebrate this special occasion, a special side story event – Ancient Forge! Read on for the details.

  • Monday July 27, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Releases Music Video Collaboration “Last Of Me” With DJ Steve Aoki

    Arknights releases full version of the music video “Last of Me ft. RUNN”

    Half a month after the debut of Arknights new collaboration with two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Steve Aoki, Arknights officially releases a full version of the music video Last of Me ft. RUNN after releasing a teaser video. Read on for the video.

  • Saturday July 4, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Updates Main Storyline “Partial Necrosis” with A New Theme Song Produced by Popular DJ Steve Aoki!

    After sharing a few side stories and events with players, Arknights extends its major storyline by launching Chapter 6 – Partial Necrosis and unveils more aspects of the in-game world. To coincide with the launch of the new chapter, Arknights also surprised its fans with a brand new theme song “Last of Me ft. RUNN”, produced by two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki. This song is also Arknights’ fourth music collaboration, marking a special milestone for Arknights’ global music project. Read on for the details.

  • Friday June 12, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: Arknights Introduces High Tactical Gameplay Features in Latest Update - "Contingency Contract"

    By combining different contracts, advanced players can challenge their limitations, while new players can enjoy various tactics.

     Following the “Code of Brawl” hype, Arknights launches a new event today named “Contingency Contract”, which introduces a highly customizable challenge stage for players of all levels. By combining different contracts, advanced players can challenge their limitations, while new players can enjoy various tactics. Read on for the details

  • Thursday May 28, 2020
  • Sponsored Post - Arknights Piles on Content and Brawls in Massive Spring Update - Code Of Brawl!

    "Code of Brawl” update promises new Penguin Logistics storyline, four new operators, a battlefield facility, as well as new furniture sets and outfits

    Arknights is wrapping up the Spring season with yet another update loaded with new content for players to enjoy. Today’s “Code of Brawl” update promises new Penguin Logistics storyline content, four new operators, a battlefield facility, as well as furniture sets and outfits to bring in the Summer season with a smash! Read on for the details!

  • Thursday April 30, 2020
  • Summer Comes Early to Popular Strategy Mobile Game Arknights In The Latest Major Update With New Theme Song Produced By Famous DJ Duo Yellow Claw!

    New operator 'Ceylon' also features in Heart of Surging Flame update

    Summer may still be a few weeks away for most folks in the northern hemisphere, but Arknights is already heating up with its “Heart of Surging Flame” limited time event and a brand new song release After It All produced by the internationally acclaimed DJ’s Yellow Claw! Read on for the details.

  • Wednesday March 25, 2020
  • Sponsored Post - Mobile Strategy RPG Arknights Opens New Vignette Series - Operational Intelligence

    The truth will come to light, sooner or later

    Dystopian mobile RPG Arknights has announced its newest game update, “Operational Intelligence”, with brand new events, operators, and storylines. Read on for the details.

  • Wednesday February 26, 2020
  • Sponsored Post - Dystopian Mobile RPG Arknights Launches Major Storyline Update: “Necessary Solutions”

    The world is at stake!

    The smash hit Mobile Strategy RPG Arknights first launched on January 16th with four dedicated episodes for players to start their journey on Rhodes Island. Continuing on from the previous and intense episode, Episode Five, titled [Necessary Solutions] has pushed the situation to the brink. Read on for the details!

  • Thursday January 16, 2020
  • Sponsored Post: The End of the World Begins Now in “Arknights” - the Highly Anticipated Strategy RPG for Android & iOS!

    Arknights launches in multiple regions in English!

    The wait is over for anime and mobile gaming fans. Arknights, the incredibly popular anime-themed strategic RPG is finally making its global debut. Players in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can now download and play Arknights. Read on for the details!

  • Wednesday January 8, 2020
  • Azur Lane's Yostar Weighs Anchor for Its Own Animation Company

    Names from Promare, Kiznaiver, and SSSS.GRIDMAN will be on board

    Yostar is taking the wheel and starting its own animation studio! Yostar Pictures has just been announced, along with two early projects and some impressive collaborators. Get caught up after the jump!

  • Friday May 31, 2019
  • Yostar Games Announces International Publishing For New Strategy RPG Game Arknights

    New mobile RPG hits #1 ranking on iOS Top Grossing Games chart in China

    Yostar Games announces the forthcoming Western launch of the latest hit mobile game to storm the Chinese mobile gaming scene in Arknight. Hit the jump for all of the details.

  • Monday April 29, 2019
  • Check Out A Quick Review of Yostar Games Latest Title In Mahjong Soul

    Mahjong with a cute anime style twist is sure to entertain

    Check out a quick review of the recently launched Mahjong Soul, developed by famed developer Yostar Games of Azur Lane fame.