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    Friday September 23, 2022
  • Two Albums of Evangelion Music Released for the First Time in the US by Milan Records

    The LA based record label is bringing decades' worth of music to listeners outside of Japan

    The Evangelion franchise has some of the most iconic music in all of anime, and today, Milan Records released two albums of Shiro SAGISU's iconic score! This marks the first time these two albums are available outside of Japan, and both feature music from the original 1995 anime series as well as the Rebuild of Evangelion film series. Hit the jump to learn more and listen to both albums!

  • INTERVIEW: hololive Production's CEO on the Origins of VTubing

    We spoke with Motoaki Tanigo, the head of COVER Corp, about his company and the state of VTubing today

    Since its founding in 2016, COVER Corp and hololive Production have become synonymous with the burgeoning VTuber industry. Since the debut of hololive Production's first VTuber, Tokino Sora, the company has expanded into three languages and now represents dozens of talent with over 64 million collective subscribers on YouTube alone. We had the pleasure of talking with COVER Corp's CEO Motaki Tanigo about the history of his company, the future of VTubing, and what he thinks about the infamous nickname "YAGOO!" Hit the jump to read!

  • Thursday September 22, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: VTuber Regis Altare Wants to Spread Joy Through VTubing

    He also said he would befriend Tingle from The Legend of Zelda if given the chance

    Every team has its leader, and HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- has Regis Altare. The founder of the adventurer's guild, Altare's gentle and easygoing earnestness make his streams some of the coziest you can find on all of YouTube. We had the pleasure of interviewing him about how it felt to debut, the joy of VTubing, and whether or not he would pursue a friendship with The Legend of Zelda's Tingle. Hit the jump to read!

  • Wednesday September 21, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: VTuber Magni Dezmond Wants You to Experience Fear in His Streams

    The guild's resident publicist and alchemist reveals the secrets of the universe

    Every member of HOLOSTAR's new generation -TEMPUS- brings their own unique set of skills and expertise to the guild, and, as the resident publicist and alchemist, Magni Dezmond is no different. HOLOSTAR's official website describes him as "the type of person who stares right into the abyss," and a cursory glance at his chaotic streams really lines up with that. We had the opportunity to talk with Dezmond about his time at the guild, the mysteries of the universe, and whether or not mixing soda flavors together counts as alchemy. Hit the jump to read!

  • Tuesday September 20, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: VTuber Axel Syrios on Stinky Smells, Character Alignment, and Never Giving Up

    The human resources head of TEMPUS talks with us about the VTubing life

    Axel Syrios is the chief of human resources for the Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS as well as the owner of an entire gladiatorial combat arena. We had the pleasure of interviewing Axel about his fear of horror games, his hatred of bad smells, and his advice for people who want to start streaming! Hit the jump to read!

  • Monday September 19, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: VTuber Noir Vesper on How VTubing Helps His Social Anxiety

    The academic advisor of TEMPUS joins us for an interview

    As the academic advisor to holoTEMPUS, Noir Vesper brings logic and rationality to temper his fellow guildmates' personalities. If you've seen any of his streams, though, you'll know that he has a heart of gold and a warmth that connects all of his viewers. In the weeks since his debut, Vesper has streamed games, interviewed other holoTEMPUS members and even undergone the Hot Ones challenge! We got to speak with him about his experiences about all of the above, overcoming social anxiety and what it means to be a VTuber. Hit the jump to read!

  • Tuesday September 6, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: Rock Band the pillows on Creating the Iconic FLCL Soundtrack

    Front man Sawao Yamanaka talked with us about the band's history and the global spread of Japanese music

    There are few anime soundtracks as iconic as FLCL's — the pillows' crunchy guitars, driving bass, and infectious melodies are a huge part of why the series has such a distinct feel to it. It also marked the beginning of anime acting as a gateway to Japanese music for countless people all around the world. We were able to talk with front man Sawao Yamanaka about the band's history, how they first got featured in FLCL, and the global spread of Japanese music through anime. Hit the jump to read the interview, listen to the music, and buy newly available volumes of the soundtrack!

  • Thursday September 1, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: Dragon Ball Piccolo and Goku VAs Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel on the Series' Historical Legacy

    Two legends joined us for an interview covering the latest entry in the Dragon Ball series

    Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO is currently in theaters giving long-standing franchise characters a whole new film to spotlight their powers and personalities. We had the opportunity to sit down with two of the lead actors and talk about how they balance three series' worth of lore while portraying characters who have truly become a part of them. Hit the jump to read!

  • Wednesday August 31, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO VAs Aleks Le and Zeno Robinson on the Movie's New Android Duo

    Crunchyroll News speaks with the voices between Gamma 1 and 2!

    Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO recently had its US premiere and it's taking the world by storm! Two standouts from the film were newly introduced androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, two androids designed with super hero level personalities and senses of justice brought to life in the English dub by actors Aleks Le and Zeno Robinson. We had the opportunity to sit down with both actors and talk about their history with the franchise and the joy of bringing life to new characters from your favorite show. Hit the jump to read!

  • Thursday August 11, 2022
  • AX Cinema Nights Brings The House of the Lost on the Cape to US Theaters

    Anime Expo, Iconic Events and Eleven Arts are presenting the anime film's US theatrical run

    Anime Expo, Iconic Events and Eleven Arts have partnered to bring David Production's 2021 anime film The House of the Lost on the Cape to US theaters! These showings are a part of the AX Cinema Nights series of in person movie events that plan to bring both new and classic anime films to theaters across North America. Hit the jump to learn more!

  • Wednesday August 10, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: The Author Behind Bullet Train on Crime Thrillers and Movie Adaptations

    We spoke with Kōtarō Isaka about his novel and its new Hollywood adaptation

    Kōtarō Isaka is a Japanese novelist with a formidable resume. He has written 25 novels, 15 short story collections, had film adaptations made of his work in both Japan and South Korea, and his work is now making a splash stateside with Sony Pictures' Bullet Train, a recently debuted film that adapts his novel Maria Beetle. We had the opportunity to interview the prolific author about his literary career, writing the novel Maria Beetle, and how it felt to have his work adapted into a major Hollywood motion picture! Hit the jump to read more.

  • Thursday July 28, 2022
  • HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- Coming to Crunchyroll Expo

    hololive production's new English-speaking group join CRX's guest slate

    hololive production's recently announced group of English-speaking VTubers, HOLOSTARS Engilsh -TEMPUS-, are coming to Crunchyroll Expo! The members of holoTEMPUS will be appearing as a part of the holoMEET experience. Learn more about the members and their involvement in CRX by hitting the jump!

  • Friday July 15, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: ATARASHII GAKKO! Talk About Their Plans for World Domination

    We talked with AG! about their unique music and dancing style and much more!

    ATARASHII GAKKO! are taking over the world, and it's only a matter of time before you are conquered by their unique choreography and fascinating mixture of cute and abrasive. Ahead of their performance at SDCC as part of the Crunchyroll Concert Series, we had the opportunity to interview AG! about their style, how they shoot music videos, and their favorite anime and manga. Hit the jump for more!

  • Thursday June 30, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: I Think Our Son Is Gay Author Okura Wants to Share the Happier Side of LGBTQ Stories

    Okura talks with us about the importance of quiet, happy LGBTQ stories

    In partnership with our friends over at Square-Enix manga, we are proud to publish an interview with Okura, the creator of I Think Our Son Is Gay and That Blue Sky Feeling! We talked with Okura about both of these series, the importance of depicting support systems for LGBTQ characters, and the creative drive to depict gay characters living a happy, comfortable life. Hit the jump to read the full interview followed by an excerpt from Chapter 1 of I Think Our Son Is Gay!

  • Tuesday June 28, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: Nerd Otaku and the Power of Anime in Zambia

    We interviewed Nerd Otaku's Dennis Banda and Olga Rodon Shinondo about the organization's beginnings and growth

    Anime is an extremely special medium. It touches our hearts in a way nothing else can, and there are fans all across the world who love and interact with it in a way no other type of entertainment can compare to. Recently, an organization called Nerd Otaku brought the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 to theaters in Zambia. We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing founding members Dennis Banda and Olga Rondo Shinondo about how a small Facebook group grew into a professional organization that holds conventions, hosts meetups, and brings anime to the silver screen.

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