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    Monday January 4, 2021
  • OPINION: Step Aside Rem and Emilia, Echidna is the New Best Girl in Town

    Taking a look at Re:ZERO's latest and greatest best girl!

    Re:ZERO Best Girl debates were impossible to avoid in the anime community when the show first aired. Now the show has introduced a new candidate that possesses all the right attributes to potentially steal the crown. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Monday December 30, 2019
  • Celebrating the Voice Behind Love Live's Best Idol, Sora Tokui!

    A celebration of one of the most energetic voices in anime

    It's time to celebrate Sora Tokui's birthday! Known today for her roles as Nero Yuzurizaki, Nico Yazawa, and Maya Jouga, let's take a look at the rest of the impressive list of her accomplishments for this special occasion. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Tuesday October 15, 2019
  • Touhou: Azure Reflections Is A Great First Step Into An Amazing Series

    This shoot 'em up Touhou fan game will take the hearts of fans and newcomers alike!

    Amidst the wave of new Touhou fan games coming out, one of them is here to shake up the formula in a way both die hard fans and newcomers can appreciate. How does a fan creation appeal to new fans who might not be used to the challenge of the franchise without losing series veterans? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Wednesday August 21, 2019
  • How The Fate Franchise Proved That Anyone Can Get Into Anime

    The story of how someone with no interest in anime came to enjoy one of its most beloved series

    What happens when someone who's grown up with cop dramas and western action thrillers is introduced to one of anime's most iconic shows? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Thursday April 4, 2019
  • What the Opening Warned Us About in Shield Hero's 2nd Cour

    What might the new opening hint about future episodes?

    With a new cour comes a new opening theme song and animation, and with that comes a series of hints and nods at what to expect in the coming episodes! What might The Rising of the Shield Hero's new opening suggest about what's to come for our heroes? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Monday February 18, 2019
  • KONOSUBA's Dub is the One Sub Purists Have Been Waiting For!

    The English dub for KONOSUBA may be even better than anyone ever expected it to be!

    For as long as time there has been the debate of subs versus dubs; sub purists wouldn't dare to watch something that altered the original even slightly. But what if there was an English dub that was able to please even the most hardcore sub purists? Hit the jump to find out more!

  • Thursday January 24, 2019
  • Alice in Sword Art Online: A Wonderland of Danger

    A look at a couple of the Alice in Wonderland references in Sword Art Online: Alicization

    Without any doubt, Alice in Wonderland is an in increadibly influential story that's made a lasting impact on popular media. So, it should be no surprise that the most recent entry in the Sword Art Online series is happy to highlight its references, even when it changes a few things. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Wednesday October 31, 2018
  • Trapped in a Dream: Kirito's Lifetime in VR

    What could happen if you were stuck in a dream with no way to wake up?

    In the latest entry in the Sword Art Online anime, Kirito finds himself in a dream with no way to escape. Being trapped in a dream may seem like a fantasy come true at first glance, but there's plenty that could go wrong in this other world. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Monday October 15, 2018
  • Alicization is the Most Ambitious Entry in Sword Art Online Yet!

    There's a reason to be excited for the latest entry of Sword Art Online!

    With as many episodes as Sword Art Online has, it can begin to get a little easy to predict how each new arc is going to play out. While that isn't a bad thing, this latest entry takes a new approach to deliver something unlike what we've ever seen in this series before. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Wednesday September 26, 2018
  • QUIZ: Which Floor Boss Are You?

    Find out which floor boss you'd be in this mysterious building!

    Ever wonder how you'd fit in with a group of ruthless killers? This quiz will help you find out which shoes you fit in amongst the five mysterious personalities in Angels of Death!

  • Friday September 21, 2018
  • 10 Ending Themes That Improved Their Shows

    A look at some stand-out examples of excellent ending themes in anime!

    Most of the time, opening songs get all off the love. However, it'd be hard to say that there aren't any ending theme songs from anime that didn't do their shows more than enough justice. Hit the jump to see ten that did!

  • Tuesday August 28, 2018
  • ISLAND's Rule of 3

    Girls and families take on different meanings this summer season

    The island of Urashima is home to three great families that all played a different role in the island's history. But, what if each family and their daughters represented something bigger? Hit the jump to read more!

  • Wednesday August 22, 2018
  • Get Ready to Kick It to the Beat With Teddyloid at Crunchyroll Expo!

    A look at musician TeddyLoid, just in time for Crunchyroll Expo!

    With so many guests it's hard to figure out which to be the most excited for. Here's all the reasons to get excited about one guest in particular. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Tuesday August 14, 2018
  • Angels of Death: Mystery Horror or Buddy Comedy?

    With the way the two main characters talk to each other, what genre does Angels of Death really fit into?

    On the surface, Angels of Death is an intense mystery horror series designed to keep it's audience on the edge of their seats. However, once the show's female lead gets a partner by her side, the way they interact could be responsible for showing this story's true colors. Hit the jump to find out how!

  • Friday June 29, 2018
  • From Tool to Subgenre to Anime: The Mysterious Journey of RPG Maker

    A look at the unique niche of games made using RPG Maker

    Sometimes something becomes more interesting after learning its origins. Despite being made in the 1980s to help users create role-playing games, the software RPG Maker has been used to create an interesting niche of linear story-driven puzzle games. But what does this have to do with anime? Hit the jump to find out!

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