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    Monday March 18, 2019
  • A Trip to the Past Reveals the Future of the Second Anime Season of Slime

    Just who is this new mysterious character that will become tied to Rimuru? *SPOILERS CONTAINED*

    As we say goodbye to the first season of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, we have been left with a mystery that will lead us to season two. Who is this new character that believes Rimuru will "lead him to the truth of this world"? Can we figure out what his motivations are and if he'll be helpful to Rimuru from that line and his appearence in episode 24? Hit the jump to find out! *Spoilers Contained*

  • Friday March 1, 2019
  • QUIZ: Can You Survive Kaguya-sama's Battlefield of Love?

    Are you able to win against your crush?

    When it comes to love, you have to go one-on-one against your crush to one up them and get them to confess. In the world of KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR, this is the only way to win at love. In order to prepare yourself, we've put together a series of scenarios to see how you'd handle them. Will you win or suffer defeat? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Thursday February 21, 2019
  • QUIZ: Which Fighter From The World of Slime Would You Be Reincarnated As?

    Square up and find the fighter for you!

    Knowing how to fight is going to be the way to stay alive in the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, especially if you find yourself reincarnated there! By taking this quiz, you'll know the best fighter that will help lead you to success! Who would be the best fighter for you to be reincarnated as? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Tuesday February 19, 2019
  • QUIZ: Which Society Would You Best Fit Into If You Were Reincarnated Into the World of Slime?

    Who would become your new allies?

    Being transported to a new world can be scary, especially when there are more creatures than you're used to. So what do you do? Who should you allign yourself with? That's where this quiz comes in handy as after you take it, you'll know exactly who would be best for you to become allies with. Which society will that be? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Thursday February 14, 2019
  • QUIZ: Which Romance Anime Is Right For You?

    It's the perfect time to find love in anime

    Valentine's Day is the perfect time for a variety of candy and romance. Whether you have someone to celebrate the holiday with or not, there's no better time to sit down and watch a good anime revolving around love. After taking this quiz, you'll know the perfect show for you! Which romance will you get? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Tuesday February 12, 2019
  • Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Looks To Evolve The Magical Girl Genre

    A new darker way to look at Magical Girls

    There's been many changes made to the magical girl genre over the years that has changed the ways these kinds of shows are made. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka is attempting to create its own mark within the realm of magical girls by being darker, adult, and more violent, while also keeping certain traditions. How is it pulling this off and is it working as a magical girl series? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Conflicts and Challenges Within Mob's Mind

    Will Mob be able to reach an answer to these challenges?

    The early parts of Mob Psycho 100 II have seen Mob be tasked with figuring out questions brought on by others and himself, while also showing off more of his hidden emotions. Combining all of these together could bring forth major changes within Mob which may have rammifications later on. What kinds of changes is he encountering and what will they do for him? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Friday February 8, 2019
  • THE GREAT CRUNCHYROLL NARUTO REWATCH Begins the Chunin Exams With Episodes 22-28!

    It's time to dive into the Chunin Exams with a written test and a forest with deadly implications

    The Great Crunchyroll Naruto Rewatch rolls on! Our Features team has been summoned to a classroom as the Chunin Exams arc has begun! How does Team 7 and the new characters introduced handle the first written exam and entering the Forest of Death? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Friday January 11, 2019
  • Minato's Biggest Opponent in Tsurune is Himself

    There's no easy path to mentally rebuilding an athlete

    Minato's attempts to try and cure his target panic has left him with many options, but no concrete solution. With all of the ways that people try and figure out issues such as target panic, how can he and others with similar internal struggles in Tsurune fix them? Are there any easy ways to solve them? Hit the jump to learn more!

  • Wednesday December 19, 2018
  • Recreating Yourself Is How You Survive in Golden Kamuy

    New personas are going to be one way to be successful in this treasure hunt

    Survival is the name of the game in Golden Kamuy, but one aspect of that you might not think of is the mental and psychological aspect of surviving. That's something Golden Kamuy has shown through how multiple characters have had to create new versions of themselves. In what ways does this help them to stay alive? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Monday December 17, 2018
  • Conception Breaks the Fourth Wall of Comedy

    Making Star Children is not the weirdest thing here

    From reality shows to fourth wall breaking, Conception holds nothing back with regards to how ridiculous it wants to be. Even as the show gets wackier and wackier, it still manages to make that work. How does is consistently keep up this pace of absurdity and not burn out viewers on it? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Friday November 30, 2018
  • Six 2018 Slice-of-Life Anime That Will Leave You Relaxed

    It's time to kick back and unwind

    As 2018 begins to wind down, it's time to wipe away all the stress the year has brought us. Thankfully, this year has given us some great shows that can fulfill that need within the slice-of-life genre! Curious which shows are fun and will let you relax? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Friday November 9, 2018
  • ZOMBIE LAND SAGA is the Zombieland of Zombie Anime

    What makes ZOMBIE LAND SAGA work so well?

    ZOMBIE LAND SAGA can be seen as both an idol and zombie show, but doesn't necessarily work in the same way as other series in those genres. By creating a new way to look at zombie fiction, it's allowed for a show that can be enjoyed by people who have been burnt out on that style of media for years. How exactly does it work? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Wednesday October 31, 2018
  • RErideD's Biggest Mystery: What is Mage Up To?

    An attempt to uncover RErideD's most mysterious character

    As we enter the last handful of episodes of RErideD, there's been one constant mystery that the series has not uncovered. Where is Mage and what is she doing? Since there's not much time left until the series finale, it's time to try to come up with some theories and idea as to what Mage has done or been doing. What theories have we come up with? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Thursday October 18, 2018
  • 5 Anime Episodes That Capture The Spirit of Halloween!

    These episodes bring the treats without the tricks

    Halloween is just around the corner and there's no better way to get prepared than by watching anime! For some people though, they might want to enjoy the holiday without all the horror that usually surrounds it. If you're like that, here are episodes that celebrate Halloween without the scares! What's on the list? Hit the jump to find out!