No Dropping Out -Back to School at 35-

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Heads turn and jaws drop as gorgeous 35-year-old Ayako Baba (Ryoko Yonekura) suddenly appears on the first day of Kunikida High. Her fabulous clothes and stunning figure set off a firestorm of speculation. Is she another one of those annoying diva moms?! Or is she a new teacher?! Everyone is shocked beyond belief when they find out that Ayako is in fact a new student!

Students don’t know where to place Ayako in the brutal “caste system” that plagues the school. Twice their age yet wearing the same uniform, she’s seen as a ridiculous hag and an easy target for attacks. Normally, she would probably be in the lowest “caste”, along with those that are bullied by the delinquents in the highest rank. Kids in the middle of the pecking order live in constant fear of being downgraded and are preoccupied with winning the favor of those above them. But fearless Ayako quickly proves she’s undaunted by this bizarre system and the harsh bullying. Instead of turning a blind eye, Ayako springs into action and does whatever it takes to help her suffering classmates, even if it means eating lunch in a bathroom stall to keep a bullied girl company. Just what is this 35-year-old student all about?! Smart and seemingly well-off, why did Ayako even come back to school at that age?!
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