Nobunaga the Fool

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The East Star and the West Star…
It is said that the separated stars were once connected by the supernal
chain called “Dragon Stream.” The both stars enjoyed their own prosperity,
but such a peaceful period become to end. They come to be bombarded by
chaotic vibration of time, and enter into a series of maelstrom of war.
Joanne d’Arc is born to save the world, who is the only person knowing
the reanimation of a transcendence technology called “Shinki” meaning
God’s vessel. She foresees an emergence of deliverer and makes her way
to the East, together with Leonardo da Vinci, the man of the insight. In the
East, her foresight of “deliverer” refers to the most delinquent guy, Nobunaga
Oda. Is Nobunaga is the true deliverer? Or, he is only the devastator?