Occult Academy

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The year is 1999. At the summit of Japan’s “pyramid”, Minakamiyama, stands Waldstein academy. Strange occult phenomena occur here, as if drawn by some mysterious force. Those who know it call it “Occult Academy”.

The school’s president has devoted his life to research into the occult, and the students spend their days both in study and research.

Hearing the news that her father has died, the principal’s only daughter Kamashiro Maya, who despises anything and everything that has to do with the occult, visits the school. There she meets Uchida Fumiaki, a self-proclaimed “Time Agent” who claims to have from the year 2012, and who was famous as a child for being able to bend spoons. As they encounter various strange events in the school, the truth behind Fumiaki’s time slip to 1999 is gradually revealed.
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