One Week Friends

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Yuki Hase, a high school boy, is concerned about a
girl of his classmate, Kaori Fujimiya. She always stays
alone and never tries to become close friends with
anyone. Given half a chance one day, it seems that Yuki
and Kaori become to have a good relationship that they
begin to eat lunch together. Although they enjoy having
conversations, Kaori, strangely enough, keeps denying their friendship. On that Friday,
she confesses, “I have memory disorder. My memories disappear within one week.
Though I became friends with you, the memories I get this week will be all gone by next
Monday. It is nothing but just giving you troubles, isn’t it? That’s the reason why I
gave up making friends.” But Yuki’s response was opposite as she expected. “Don’t!
I will ask you, even hundreds and thousands of times, to
become friends with me. I won’t leave you alone. So
please don’t give up.”
So starts Yuki’s bittersweet challenge. His weeks come
to start from asking Kaori, “Will you please become friends
with me?”