Outbreak Company

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Is "moe-nomics" good or evil?!

A middle school dropout... the type known as a "home security guard"! And when he finally found work, it was in another world where dragons soar through the skies! However, protagonist Kanou Shinichi, a purebred otaku, is far from troubled; he's all smiles and leaping for joy. That's because, in his new home in the Empire of Erdant, he's surrounded by a little girl empress, a gorgeous half-elf maid, a busty girl with animal-ish ears, a bespectacled girl from the Self-Defense Force, and all the other alluring characters who inhabit this fantasy world! Shinichi's mission is to bring "otaku culture" to this new world in order to facilitate effective commerce between the two worlds. As an expert in anime, light novels, manga, and dating sims, Shinichi is revered and admired in the new world, and an unexpectedly fulfilling real life awaits him!

Will "moe" change the world, or bring its destruction?!