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“Phantom Thief REINYA” is the slapstick short comedy animation unfolded by a cute but spoiled thief and dumb police unit. REINYA has been developed in the motif of the popular idol group “Morning Musume” member REINA TANAKA, she stars as a voice actor for the lead role.

REINYA usually works for the convenience store “FAMINYA” as a shop clerk and plans an enormous burglary plan with her assistant “CHU-TARO Mouse” in the hidden den in the store’s basement.

“OH-EDO Police Dept.” is just next to the FAMINYA shop and the unit of the three idiots from the dept., which contains “Captain” who always thinks about nasty things, the “detective” who loves to imagine about girls he likes and the “Policewoman Nocchi” who is just naturally dumb, is desperately chasing REINYA, but they are too stupid to catch her and just get misled around every time.
“PHANTOM THIEF REINYA” is a hilarious slapstick show with cracky and lovely characters.

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