VIDEO: "Metal Gear Online" Previewed in Tokyo Game Show Demo

Online multiplayer mode will be available to players on October 6

The official Metal Gear Online website is here with new info and footage for the upcoming online mode, including details on missions, stages, classes, and more. The free-to-download online multiplayer mode will be available to all who own Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on October 6, and you can see nearly 12 minutes of gameplay in the Tokyo Game Show 2015 demo below.



Mission types include:


Bounty Hunter: Teams win if the number of enemy team tickets is reduced to zero. Killing or Fultoning an enemy reduces the enemy team tickets by one. Fultoning an enemy increases your team's ticket total by the value of the Fultoned enemy's bounty.


Cloak and Dagger: Attackers win by recovering the Data Disc and uploading it at the Evac Point within the time limit. Defenders win by preventing the upload. Attackers are armed with only non-lethal weapons while defenders only have lethal weapons. This is an elimination mission. Once eliminated, you cannot return to the battlefield until the next round.


Comm Control: Attackers must capture Comm Links to download confidential intel. If the attackers complete the download within the time limit, they are victorious. If the defenders are able to prevent this within the time limit, they are victorious. Comm Links can be captured by staying within the effective range of the Comm Links until they change ownership.


Stages include the Jade Forest, Red Fortress, Gray Rampart, Amber Station, and Black Site. 


Players will be able to choose from the following classes:


Scout: With advanced scouting capabilities, the "Recon Class" specialties are long-range combat and support functions. Movement speed and strength are average making this a great choice for beginners.


Enforcer: With great strength, the "Heavy Class" specializes in powerful weapons. However, movement speed is slow making this class less effective in close quarters. This class is for intermediate players.


Infiltrator: Fast moving, the "Infiltration Class" specialty is close combat such as CQC. Due to the strength being low, you should avoid a head-on battle. This is a class for experienced players.


Head on over to the official site for more info and screens for all the above categories, as well as some tips.


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