Makoto Shinkai Edits RADWIMPS' "Sparkle" MV Using "your name." Footage

Mega hit anime film now sees a historical 20 billion yen mark in sight

Four-member Japanese rock band RADWIMPS will release their 8th full-length album "Ningen Kaika" (Human Blooming) on November 23, and a bonus DVD for its first press limited edition includes a music video of one of the songs in the album, "Sparkle [original ver.]," edited by Makoto Shinkai using footage from his film Kimi no Na wa./your name.. Shinkai even provided newly-drawn scenes for the clip. The "movie ver." of the song was included in the film's soundtrack album released in August and has sold over 270,000 copies in Japan.



"Sparkle [original ver.] -Your name. Music Video edition-" preview



"Kimi no Na wa./your name." theme song "Zenzenzense [movie ver.]" MV



RADWIMPS artist photo




"Ningen Kaika" limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition



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