There Could Be A "Mario Kart" Attraction At The Upcoming Nintendo World

Nintendo registers possibly related service copyright in the U.S.

Universal Studios and Nintendo have joined forces to bring the masses a Nintendo-themed part: Super Nintendo World. It’s great news for fans, but we don’t know a lot about it just yet. However, there’s one important thing that we do know that’s a rumor for now: It could very well include a real-life version of Mario Kart. Of course, this is all based on hearsay, but wouldn’t it be amazing?


The reason the rumor is swirling is related to a service copyright that Nintendo registered in the U.S.: “cart race management and arrangement,” which obviously could refer to real-life Mario Kart. We’ll have to wait and see for now, but this could bode well for fans looking for awesome new things to do at a Nintendo theme park!


[via IGN Japan]



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