Show Your Love For Neo Geo With These Shorts

They're only available in Japan right now, but true love waits!

If you love the Neo Geo enough to wear an article of clothing that isn’t a T-shirt emblazoned with icons of the famous console, then we’ve got the shorts for you. There’s a special pair of shorts with the Neo Geo logo all over them that are manufactured by Neo Geo!


The shorts have a large Neo Geo logo on them as well as an allover print, and they’re currently only available in Japan. If you really want a pair there are ways you can order them, but these are truly only shorts for the hardest of core Neo Geo fans. Are you bad enough to be a huge Neo Geo fan and rock these shorts?


If so, you can pick up a pair here. Keep in mind the sizing differences between Western clothing and smaller sized Japanese clothing that tends to trend smaller if you do buy these rad shorts!


[via GoNintendo]


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