"Fist of The North Star" Creator Donates 400 Million Yen to Establish Scholarship Fund in His Hometown

70-year-old author also supervises a manga school for free

99,000-populated Saku-city in Nagano Prefecture announced on July 20 that 70-year-old manga script writer Buroson, best known for his story work for the Hokuto no Ken/Fist of The North Star series, donated 400 million yen (about 3.57 million US dollars) to the city to establish a new non-refundable scholarship fund for the young people who need financial support to go to university. For 10 years from the next fiscal year, the "SAKU Cosmos Scholarship Fund" will provide one million yen for 10 students in the city for four years.


Buronson was born in the city on June 16, 1947. He said at the pres conferences, "My family was very poor, so after graduating from junior high, I joined Japan Self-Defense Force. Because I didn't like study, I had no will to go to advance school. But if I went to high school, I would have a different life."


The city also plans to open a school for manga creaters, named "Buronson 100 Hours Manga Cram

School." Buronson pays all of its operating cost, and its tuition fee is free. Five-hour lectures by Buronson

and other popular manga creators/editors will be offered for 20 times from April 2018 to March 2019.

The planned number of participants is 30.


Buronson and Seiji Yanagida, the mayor of Saku-city



Video message from Buronson for  "Buronson 100 Hours Manga Cram School"



Source: Saku-city, Seiji Yanagida official Twitter, Asahi Shimbun


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