"Macross Frontier" and "Revue Starlight" Singers Join Anisama Concert

Animelo Summer 2018 adds more anison stars to its live event


More major musical acts are piling in for this year's Anisama, including a Macross idol celebrating the tenth anniversary of her musical debut.


Animelo Summer Live is a three-day concert event featuring performers from across the world of anison. This year's event is already packed with talent, with acts such as JAM Project, Aqours, Do as Infinity, and more already scheduled to appear.



First on the new guest is Megumi Nakajima, who premiered ten years ago as Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier. Since then, Nakajima has appeared in King's Game, Record of Grancrest War, and Happiness Chrrge PreCure, to name a few. She'll be appearing on the first day of the event.



Appearing on the second day will be Starlight Revue, the idol group at the center of Bushiroad's latest media-spanning project. The anime-branch of the project launches in July, following two childhood friends who train up to become part of the exclusive song and dance troupe Starlight.



The event's final day will feature an appearance by Nao Toyama, who has appeared in and performed themes for The World God Only Knows and Symphogear, among others. 


Animelo Summer Live 2018 OK! takes place August 24-26 in Saitama Super Arena.


>> Animelo Summer Live 2018 Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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