Fridge Hero Kamen Reito Shun Returns for Second Commercial

Norio Wakamoto guest stars as a veggie monster


Who's the hero keeping veggies fresh in refrigerators across Japan? No, not Vegeta, that was last time. Try to keep up.


Kamen Reito Shun, Mitsubishi Electric's own Kamen Rider one-off, has returned for his second commercial appearance. Yoshihiko Aramaki (set to appear in next year's live-action Touken Ranbu film) returns as the hero. This time, he's facing off against Mysterious Freshness Monster Shinabiraseru, voiced by anime legend Norio Wakamoto.

Cop Seven actress Junko Matsuhashi returns as Kamen Reito's housewife in distress, and Tenimyu and TIGER & BUNNY THE LIVE star Shota Takahashi appears at the end of the CM in a surprise role.


Kamen Reito Shun's first CM aired in March, featuring Ryusei Nakao (Frieza of Dragon Ball Z) as the monster of the week.





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Source: Anime! Anime!




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