Start Your New Year Right with One Piece Osechi

Full jubako set preps for for a piratical 2019


Want to ring in the new year Straw Hat Pirate style? There's an osechi for that.


The new One Piece-themed osechi, created for 2019, features 31 different traditional Japanese New Year's food from bitter oranges to steamed shrimp. The jubako features one layer of primarily meat dishes (just as Luffy likes it) and one of seafood (befitting a band of pirates). It also comes with a pottery dish, chopsticks, and an etched masu.




Osechi are traditional Japanese meals made up of multiple small servings of different foods. Each is symbolic a certain type of health, happiness, or prosperity desired in the coming year.


Ichifuji Catering has been making osechi for the last 115 years, and One Piece versions in particular for a few years now. The 2019 set costs 15,120 yen and will be delivered to families in Japan on New Year's Eve.


>> One Piece Osechi Order Page

>> Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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