Share a Drink with Mom at the Evangelion Pub

New izakaya-style pub will be open in Tokyo for a limited time


For a limited time, Evangelion fans in Japan can enjoy a pub experience themed to their favorite series.


The Evangelion Tavern, an izakaya-style pop-up restaurant, will be opening this month to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Japan's EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01. The restaurant, while decorated with red and white NERV logos, is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of fandom. But Eva fans will get an extra kick out of the traditional izakaya food and drink re-themed to the show:



Additionally, "Cruel Angel's Thesis" singer Yoko Takahashi will be appearing at the restaurant on December 26 for a "Last Year-End Party of Heisei" event. Apparently a big prize will be available during that time.


The Evangelion Tavern opens November 16.



Source: Anime! Anime!




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