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Hot on the heels of the recent Haikyu!! additions, Crunchyroll is back with another sports anime feature. This time it's Kuroko's Basketball The Movie LAST GAME, which is now live for Premium Members. 


Kuroko's Basketball The Movie LAST GAME is available in the following territories: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Netherland, Norway, Sweden, and South and Central America.



As Kuroko and his classmates become second years and summer is ending, popular American street ball team "Jabberwock" comes to Japan. However, in what's supposed to be a friendly game, they crush the Japanese team with their overwhelming strength and mock Japanese basketball. Angered by their attitude, Riko's father Kagetora gathers Kuroko, Kagami, and the "Generation of Miracles" and challenges Jabberwock to a rematch! For one time only, the ultimate dream team "VORPAL SWORDS" is formed!!




Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. You can read his webcomic, BIG DUMB FIGHTING IDIOTS at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter @Moldilox. 

kuroko's basketball
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