Meltic StAr Reveals Their New Gorgeous Costumes for Kiratto Pri☆Chan 2nd Season

The highly-anticipated new season focuses on the "Jewel Audition"

On the premiere day of its highly-anticipated second season on Sunday, the official Twitter for the TV anime Kiratto Pri☆Chan posted a new costume visual of Meltic StAr, one of the franchise's main idol groups, consisting of Anna Akagi, Sara Midorikawa, and Mel Shido.


In the last 51st episode of the first season aired in Japan on March 31, the three left for Europe to learn more about idol activities all around the world. We can believe they wiil return in the story with this new costumes sometime in near future. 




Following the very successful PriPara series and its direct sequel Idol Time PriPara, the latest TV anime

series based on Takara Tommy Arts and syn Sophia's "Pretty" arcade game franchise premiered in Japan

in April 2018, and its first season was aire for 51 episodes until March 31, 2019.


The theme of the second season is "Idol and Jewel." A mysterious Pri☆Chan idol named Dia appears in

front of the members of Miracle Kiratts: Mirai Momoyama, Emo Moegi, and Rinka Aoba. Dia distributes

an item called "Jewel Pact" to everyone and announces to hold "Jewel Audition" to choose "Jewel Idol"

who has jewel-like brilliance. To become the best "Jewel Idol" who can wear the "Diamond Code," Mirai,

Emo and Rinka decide to join the audition.


2nd season key visual




Source: TV anime "Kiratto Pri☆Chan" official Twitter


© T-ARTS/syn Sophia/TV Tokyo/PCH Production Committee 


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