Someone Made an Anime Face Mod for Fallout 4

The Wasteland has never been so kawaii


Wish Fallout 4 could be a little more anime? There's a mod for that.


AnimeRace Nanakochan was created using pixiv's VRoid Studio, which allows artists to create 3D models of their work. The mod includes three different face models, plus a variety of hairstyles and colors. The mod only alters the face, though—so the characters' more realistic bodies and proportions will stay the same, just topped off by an anime-style head.




The creator, who goes by the name hiyokomod, explained on the mod's original post why they chose to make AnimeRace Nanakochan:


When I first learned about Kasumi and heard her cute voice on the tape, I imagined that she was definitely a beautiful girl.
I was absorbed in her and went to see her in a hurry.
I was so excited that I even forgot that the game I was playing was Bethesda.

I was in despair when I met Kasumi.
At the same time, I realized that my ideal kasumi could not exist in this world.
I had to choose between quitting the game or creating my ideal kasumi.  (I was shocked so much.)

And I decided to make the ideal kasumi by myself.
I created this mod after learning about modeling and character mod that I had never experienced before.



At the time of this article being written, the mod has more than 5,300 unique downloads.


>> Download AnimeRace Nanakochan for Fallout 4 PC

Source: GameSpark





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