Boarding House Life is Blissful in Oyasan to Boku Short Form TV Anime

Semi-autobiographical manga by Tarou Yabe inspires 5 mini-episodes on the NHK network in March of 2020

Landlady and "Me" experience a miscommunication over a cup of tea in a scene from the upcoming Oyasan to Boku short form TV anime.


Domestic life is full of miscommunications in Oyasan to Boku ("Landlady and Me"), an upcoming short form anime based on the semi-autobiographical manga by comedian / cartoonist Tarou Yabe about his day-to-day interations with his elderly landlady.


Landlady and "Me" hold hands and wave at the camera in a key visual for the upcoming Oyasan to Boku short form TV anime.


The original Oyasan to Boku manga is serialized in Shinchosa's Kurage Bunch digital manga magazine. Set in a boarding house in Shinjuku, the story follows the everyday interactions between "Boku" (CV: Shûsaku Kamikawa), a 39 year old struggling artist who lives on the 2nd floor, and Oyasan (CV: Naoko Watanabe), the 87 year old landlady who lives on the 1st floor. "Boku" and Oyasan get along well, but Oyasan is a bit old-fashioned and out-of-touch, and she constantly mistakes "Boku" for an actor.


The Oyasan to Boku TV anime is directed by Hazumu Sakuta and features scripts by Toru Hosokawa and animation production by Fanworks. The series will broadcast on the NHK network during the 11:45pm timeslot from March 02 - 06, 2020. Each of the 5 episodes will be approximately 5 minutes in length.





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