TV Anime Kingdom 3rd Season Main PV Reveals OP Theme Song "TOMORROW" by Idol Group BiSH

The ED theme "Deep inside" is provided by four-member melodic hardcore band waterweed



The official website for the TV anime adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara's historical adventure manga Kingdom has started streaming a 90-second main PV for its forthcoming third season featuring the new OP theme song "TOMORROW" performed by six-member idol group BiSH. Also, the new season's ED song "Deep inside" is  confirmed to be provided by four-member melodic hardcore band waterweed





Message from Cent Chihiro Chicchi (BiSH):


"It is a great honor for us to perform the theme song for 'Kingdom,' which is full of charms loved by a wide range of people. Strongly and nobly. BiSH was inspired by the growth of the characters who were full of individuality, regardless of friends or enemies. They and we are living in different times, but both of us are warriors, who keep running wildly to survive. Everyone is so cool! BiSH will deliver this song with all our might. Please support us."




Message from Tomohiro Ohga (waterweed):


"We wrote the ending theme for our favorite anime, 'Kingdom.' We have nothing but appreciation. From now on, we will continue to move forward with the thoughts of everyone involved." 




The third season of the Kingdom TV anime is set to premiere on NHK General TV on April 5, 2020. In place of the first season (2012-2013)'s Jun Kamiya and the second season (2013-2014)'s Akira Iwanaga, Kenichi Imaizumi newly serves as director, while the manga author Hara has joined the anime project as supervisor.  






Source: TV anime "Kingdom" official website / Twitter


©Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha, Kingdom Production Committee


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