Crunchyroll Releases Wicked New Trailer for Onyx Equinox

The upcoming Crunchyroll Original shares new details alongside trailer

Onyx Equinox Crunchyroll Original


Right in time for Halloween, Crunchyroll has released a dark new trailer along with a slew of new character information for the upcoming Crunchyroll Original series Onyx Equinox. You can watch the trailer below, but beware! The video is pretty intense so if you’re sensitive to the following, you might want to skip this one:


WARNING: This video contains blood and gore, proceed if you dare!



“Viewers of Onyx Equinox can expect an adult story, both in terms of on-screen action and the themes we tackle throughout the series,” said Sofia Alexander, creator and showrunner, in coordination with the release of the new trailer. “We're going to journey with Izel as he is forced to save a world he doesn’t believe he has a place in, coming face to face with both the darkness in the world and within himself.”


Crunchyroll also released new information about the characters! Learn a bit about their backstory, birthday, and more along with a pronunciation guide for names below:



Izel [ eats - zell ] – Humanity’s reluctant hero. Tasked with closing the five gates of the underworld.


Sun Sign Pisces
Birthday March 13
Height 5'1"
Blood Type O


Zyanya [ zinnia ] – A warrior with a powerful ability, seeks to restore her destroyed city.


Sun Sign Virgo
Birthday September 4
Height 5'10"
Blood Type A


Xanastaku [ sha - NAS - tah - coo ] – A priestess in Izel’s party. Desires to redeem her dark past.


Sun Sign Scorpio
Birthday November 10
Height 5'4"
Blood Type A


Yun [ june ] – K’in’s more individualistic twin. The emotional core of Izel’s group.


Sun Sign Gemini
Birthday June 6
Height 5'7"
Blood Type AB


K’in [ kinn ] – Yun’s mischievous, risk-taking twin who often takes jokes too far.


Sun Sign Gemini
Birthday June 6
Height 5'7"
Blood Type AB



Check out the previously released trailer and English voice cast in this article if you missed it and get ready to join Izel’s journey on November 21st!


Onyx Equinox

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