Laid-Back Camp Cushions Include Smooshy-Faced Middle School Nadeshiko

Mugs, soft cushions, and eco bags are now available for pre-order from Village Vanguard

Laid-Back Camp Cushion


Cuddle up with some new Laid-Back Camp merch, including mugs and cushions — and one smooshy cushion that looks like middle-school Nadeshiko!


The line of goods hails from Village Vanguard, which specializes in unique miscellaneous goods from anime merchandise to unusual food products. The new set of items is led by the soft, fluffy Nadeshiko face cushion, recreating her appearance in junior high. Light batting and slightly elastic fabric make her face squishy and soft.


Middle-school Nadeshiko cushion


The other two mochi-like cushions feature icon-style Rin and Nadeshiko faces:


Icon cushion - Rin

Icon cushion - Nadeshiko

Laid-Back Camp cushion backs


The designs will also be available on a pair of mugs:


Nadeshiko mug

Nadeshiko mug (unrolled)

Rin mug

Rin mug (unrolled


And ecobags:


Nadeshiko ecobag

Rin ecobag


The goods are now available to pre-order on the Village Vanguard website, and are due to ship out starting in late September.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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