Kamen Rider Beyond Generations Film Teases 100 Years of Heroism

Latest movie in Toei's long-running live-action special effects superhero series hits Japanese theaters on December 17th

Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice mug for the camera in a scene from the teaser trailer for the Kamen Rider Beyond Generations live-action tokusatsu film.


A new teaser trailer has been published for Kamen Rider Beyond Generations, an upcoming live-action tokusatsu film that celebrates the 50th anniversary of Toei and Ishimori Productions' long-running superhero series by promising a story that spans from 1971 all the way to 2051.



The teaser traller (above) features Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice from the currently broadcasting Kamen Rider Revice. In the teaser, Vice claims to be the main character and attempts to spoil the movie, before Revi stops him and apologizes for his grand-standing behavior.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Copyright notice: © Ishimori Productions・TV Asashi・ADK EM・Toei


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